Hybrid Ultrasound/Radio Real Time Location Systems

I have been a member of the Scientific Committee of the Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Conference for the last years (2012-2015). In 2012 and 2013 I also moderated the industry panel debates at the IPIN conferences.

Our work in indoor positioning is mainly on ultrasound-based systems and some of the earliest papers below as well as some of the patents form the basis for the ultrasound indoor positioning system described in Scientific American, January 2008: A Positioning System That Goes Where GPS Can't. The ultrasound-alone system was commercialized by Sonitor Technologies and has later also been integrated with Aeroscout's Wi-Fi solutions as well as Sonitor's own Wi-Fi solution. 

The ultrasound-alone system is superb in pinpointing the precise room where an object is localized. On the other hand it requires infrastructure in every room. On the other hand Wi-Fi positioning systems are not so good at achieving 100% accuracy in pin-pointing rooms in a building, and may erroneously locate 5-10 % of the positions outside the room. The best system is obtained by combining them in order to benefit from the best properties of both Wi-Fi (radio) and ultrasound.

The photo shows an experimental array used for forming steered ultrasound beams for zones inside a room.

Ultrasound Positioning

Gunshot Acoustics

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Tags: positioning, localization
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