PhD Students

Active PhD students

  • Elisabeth Grønn Ramsdal, "Ultrasound imaging using shear wave elastography," project financed by MEDIMA.
  • Karen Brastad Evensen, "Non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure from transcranial acoustic signals," main supervisor Prof. Per Kristian Eide, Department of Neurosurgery, Oslo University Hospital.
  • Sri Nivas Chandrasekaran, "Ultrasound Induced Mechanosignalling", in the Horizon 2020 project "Force".
  • Johannes Kvam, "Improved imaging and quantitative identification of acoustic tissue properties with dual band ultrasound pulse complexes," Main supervisor prof. Bjørn Angelsen, NTNU.
  • Trond Bergh, "Signal Processing for Camera-Aided Microphone Arrays," cosupervised with Ines Hafizovic in collaboration with Squarehead Technology.
  • Jo Inge Buskenes, "Improved ultrasound and sonar imaging," main supervisor Andreas Austeng

Completed PhD theses


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