David Cameron

Centre Coordinator
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Phone +47 22 85 04 46
Mobile phone + 47 48084637
Room 8463
Visiting address Gaustadaleen 23B Staircase D 8th Floor

Research Interests

  • Computer-aided process engineering.
  • Integrated operations.
  • Decision support for industrial operations.
  • Simulation.
  • Optimisation.
  • Control systems.
  • Industrial application of information technology.


1987 B.Eng. (Hons I and Medal) in Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

1991 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Work Experience

2013-2015 Director, Petroleum Energy and Industry, Sopra Steria AS

2011-2015 Senior Managing Consultant, Chemicals & Petroleum, IBM

2010-2011 Product Manager, Dynamic Simulation Solutions, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

2009-2010 Manager Technology Development, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

2007-2009 Chief Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime

2005-2006 Director, Research & Development, Fantoft Process Technologies AS

2001-2005 Development Manager, Fantoft Prosess AS

2000-2001 Technical Manager Control and Optimisation, Fantoft Prosess AS

1999-2000 Principal Research Engineer, Norsk Hydro

1993-1999 Senior Research Engineer, Norsk Hydro

1992-1993 Research Engineer, BHP Corporate Research

1987-1992 Engineer, BHP Corporate Research

1982-1986 Chemical Engineering Trainee, BHP Steel

Tags: digitalisation, automation, SIRIUS - Centre for Research-driven Innovation, semantic technologies, oil and gas


  • Cameron, David B.; Skjæveland, Martin G; Giese, Martin; Hovland, Dag; Waaler, Arild; Bjørge, Eldar & Tungland, Knut Sebastian (2016). Optique: Simple, Oil & Gas-oriented access to big data in exploration, In  SPE Intelligent Energy Conference and Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, 6-8 September 2016 - Conference Proceedings.  Society of Petroleum Engineers.  ISBN 978-1-61399-459-7.  KAPITTEL.
  • Cameron, David Bruce & Bogle, I. David. L. (2002). CAPE Tools for Off-Line Simulation, Design and Analysis, In Rafiqul Gani (ed.),  Software Architectures and Tools for Computer-Aided Process Engineering.  Elsevier.  ISBN 0444508279.  5.2.  s 373 - 392
  • Cameron, David B.; Paterson, William R. & Morton, William (1991). Framework for modelling of metallurgical processes. Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section C - Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy.  ISSN 0371-9553.  100, s C11- C20

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  • Cameron, David B. (2018). Digitalization perspectives from the oil and gas domain.
  • Cameron, David B. (2017). Scalable data access is necessary for successful digitalisation.
  • Cameron, David B. (2017). Scalable data access: Lower-cost higher-impact environmental compliance.
  • Cameron, David B.; Kluwer, Johan Wilhelm & Berli, Bjørn (2017). Masterclass on Digital Engineering.
  • Cameron, David Bruce (2017). Digitalization in the Natural Resources Industry: A Challenge and an Opportunity.
  • Cameron, David Bruce (2017). Digitalization: How can we mix the ”new oil” and the old oil? The role of IT research. Show summary
  • Cameron, David Bruce (2017). Getting the Dinosaurs to Dance: Innovation culture meets academia and the oil and gas industry.
  • Cameron, David Bruce (2017). Successful big data projects.
  • Cameron, David Bruce; Waaler, Arild; Hovland, Dag & Skjæveland, Martin G (2017). Practical Knowledge Representation for Data Access to Subsurface Data: The Achievements and Potential of the Optique Platform.
  • Cameron, David B. (2016). Analytics and scalable data access: the future of industrial information technology.
  • Cameron, David B. (2016). Industry 4.0 for the oil and gas sector. Research and Innovation challenges and mechanisms.
  • Cameron, David B. (2016). Masterclass on Big Data.
  • Cameron, David B. (2016). Presentation of SIRIUS Centre.
  • Cameron, David B.; Skjæveland, Martin G; Giese, Martin; Hovland, Dag; Waaler, Arild; Bjørge, Eldar & Tungland, Knut Sebastian (2016). Optique: Simple, Oil & Gas-oriented access to big data in exploration.
  • Cameron, David Bruce (2014). Big Data in Exploration and Production: Silicon Snake-Oil, Magic Bullet, or Useful Tool?.

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