DSB - Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis

Centre for Imaging runs a sonar/ultrasound laboratory with water tanks for experiments in high resolution imaging and beamforming.

Lab with water tank and measuring equipment

Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Booking and prices

Contact Facility Manager for booking and prices for use of equipment and technicians.


Contact information:

Facility Manager: Svein Bøe
Group leader: Andreas Austeng
Location: Gaustadalléen 23B,
0373 OSLO


  • Water tank [(l,b,h) = (2m,1.5m,1.5m)] + positioning equipment, sonar.
  • Water tank [(l,b,h) = (0.8m,0.8m,0.5m)] + positioning equipment, ultrasound (Onda positioning system).
  • Verasonics Vantage ultrasound scanner
  • GE Vingmed Ultrasound E95 scanner
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