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Research Council



Proof-of-Concept Project – Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research 0,5-1 mnok >>


Qualification Project (former Milestone Project) – Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research 0,-0,5 mnok >>


Student Entrepreneurship 0,5-1 mnok >>


Søk doktorgrad innen digital sikkerhet>>

Knowledge-building Project for Industry >> 2021.02.17
Collaborative Project to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges >>  2021.02.17
Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector 2-12 mnok.>> Open
Pre-projects to Mobilise for Research-based Regional Innovation-Public sector + Industry (3-12 months) 0,1-0,32 mnok. >> Open
Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal 4-12 mnok. >> 2021.02.10
Researcher Project for Young Talents 4-8 mnok.>> 2021.02.10
Three-year Researcher Project with Int. Mobility 3-3,9 mnok. >> 2021.02.10

Pre-projects to Mobilise Trade and Industry for Research 0,1-0,32 mnok

Commercialisation-publicly-funded research. 2 calls 0,2-0,5 mnok. >> Open
Centre for Research on special needs education + incl. practice  >> 2021.03.17
Support for physical and virtual events 0-2 mnok. >> Open
Phd and Postdocs Funding for Stays Abroad 3-12 months   it is possible to apply for an extension of the fellowship period for postdoctoral fellows corresponding to the length of the stay abroad.>> Open

Top-up Financing of Outgoing MSCA Fellows  >>

Funding for Research Stay Abroad for Researchers 3-12 m  >> Open
Visiting researchers: Funding for Stay in Norway 1-12 m  >> Open
Industrial Ph.D. Scheme  >> Open
Public Sector Ph.D. Project  >> Open



EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowships Program 20 post-doctoral fellowships (Data&Intelligence etc.)>>

UTFORSK-long-term partnerships between Norway and Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and the USA. 2021.02.01
PL-updated calls schedule for the EEA and Norway Grants' Programmes as of January 5, 2021: 2021.00.00
KAPPA CZ Research Programme  (Technology Agency -TA CR) lead) 2021.02.27
UC Berkely: Peder Sather funding 2021-22: workshops, pilot studies read more 2021.04.08
Kompetanse Norge lyser ut inntil 40 mill. til utvikling og utprøving av fleksible utdanningstilbud 2021.03.22
DIKU lyser ut inntil 92 mill. kroner til utvikling og drift av fleksible og relevante utdanningstilbud i høyere utdanning som kan gis utenfor campus. 2021.03.22
UiO Energi Summer stipend,researchers are invited to suggest projects for one or two students per research group. 2021.01.31
UiO Energi Mobility funds: Master, phd, postdocs and researchers; 2-8 weeks, max nok 50 000 Open
UiO Energi Internships at UiO up to 12 weeks, max nok 25 000 Open
NORDPLUS "Enchancing educational cooperation and preparing pupils, students and adults for a greener future". Networking or special tasks project. 2021.02.01
NORDIC Energy Reserach Open calls   
DIGDIR-digitaliserings- eller innovasjonsprosjekt, StimuLab etc.  >> 2021.00.00

        *The list is not exhaustive and will be updated every Friday/adj - IFI 05.01.2021  

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