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Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR)

About the group

Our work is based on well-established methods from logic, which we extend and enhance to tackle tomorrow's challenges in fields like Semantic Web and Big Data.

Logic Intelligent Data

Logic provides both a language to describe precise facts, and calculi to reason about them.

Logic has a long tradition with roots in philosophy and mathematics. At the same time, it is the topic of cutting-edge research in computer science, where it is used to describe and reason about software, hardware, models, and complexity.

We specialise in automated reasoning which means that machines execute logical deductions to reveal and make use of knowledge that is implicit in the available information.

We apply reasoning to very large data volumes, realising the potential of intelligent data.

Data has to be enhanced with additional knowledge to become machine-processable information. This knowledge is usually tied to the applications that generate or use the data, and the humans who use the applications

Today, we witness a development where this knowledge is liberated from the applications, and is directly tied to the data. We call the result of this process intelligent data.

Intelligent data lies at the heart of the semantic web and scalable solutions for Big Data, where a multitude of applications cooperate on a multitude of large data sources.

The generation of intelligent data and the use of logic to reason about them becomes more and more important.


Scalable End-User Access to Big Data (Optique)

Optique will provide scalable access to large data stores.  Results will be tested using large volumes of industrial data at Statoil and Siemens.

Optique is one of the largest ICT research projects in Europe, financed by the European Union's 7th framework programme, and involving world leading academic partners from Norway, Germany, Italy, and Greece.  The project starts on 1 November 2012, and is coordinated from the ASR group.

ASR is directly involved in research on

  • Intelligent query interfaces
  • Mappings between domain vocabularies and databases
  • Intelligent data within Statoil



Semicolon is about cooperation and interoperability in the Norwegian Public Sector.

Semicolon is financed by the Research Council of Norway's Verdikt programme, and is led by Karde.  The project involves several large public sector organisations.

ASR participates in the opening and publication of intelligent data, in particular from the Brønnøsund register centre.


Digital Oil (Doil)

Digital Oil will provide better methods to exploit large volumes of sensor-based information in the oil & gas sector.

The project is financed by RCN's Verdikt programme and is led from NTNU Trondheim.

ASR provides prototypes that illustrate the use of intelligent data in such applications.

Automating Coherent Logic (ACL)

ACL focusses on automated proof search for first order logic in purely mathematical applications

ACL is financed by a free project grant from RCN and is led from the University of Bergen.

ASR is developping tools for the automation of mathematical reasoning.


Through our projects, we have active cooperation with many partners from industry, public sector, and academia:



  • NTNU Trondheim
  • University of Bergen
  • Oxford University
  • Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
  • Free University of Bolzano
  • University La Sapienza, Rome
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
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