Participants in Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Anne-Marie George Postdoctoral Fellow
Christos Dimitrakakis Professor +467294744779 (mob) reinforcement learning, machine learning, differential privacy, fairness, decision making under uncertainty, artificial intelligence, adversarial machine learning, Bayesian inference, autonomous vehicles, recommendation systems
Daniel Rygh Bakkelund
Dirk Hesse Associate Professor +47 99388030 (mob)
Dumitru Roman Associate Professor
Eduard Kamburjan Postdoctoral Fellow
Egor Kostylev Associate Professor
Ellen Munthe-Kaas Associate Professor +47 22852801
Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz Researcher semantic web, semantic technologies, ontologies, ontology alignment
Espen Volnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Gianluca Turin Student
He Gu Doctoral Research Fellow
Herman Ruge Jervell
Ingrid Chieh Yu Associate Professor +47 22845525
Jon Henrik Forssell Associate Professor +47 22852781
Juliane Päßler Doctoral Research Fellow
Knut Omang Associate Professor
Lars Kristiansen Adjunct Professor +47 922 10 527 Mathematical Logic, Computability Theory, Complexity Theory, Computable Analysis
Martin Giese Professor +47 22852737 logic, big data, semantic web, automated reasoning, proof search, first order logic
Mehmet Naci Akkøk
Meirav Segal Doctoral Research Fellow
Morten Gunnar Bjørner Lindeberg
Otto Johan Anshus Adjunct Professor +47 91573265 (mob)
Peyman Rasouli Student Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Data Mining, Computer Vision, Computational Intelligence
Paul Kobialka Doctoral Research Fellow
Roger Antonsen Associate Professor +47 22852482 Logic, Proof Theory, Automated Reasoning, Proof Search, Modal Logic, First-Order Logic, Complexity Theory, Automata, Cellulære automater, Generative Art, Algorithms, Algorithmic Art, Mathematical Art, Netlogo, Processing, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Outreach, Science Communication
Roxana Pop Doctoral Research Fellow
Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa Senior Researcher 22840852 formal methods, concurrency, programming language theory, model-based analysis, microservices, distributed systems, object-orientation, modeling, resourse analysis
Summaya Mumtaz
Thomas Kleine Büning Stipendiat
Thomas Peter Plagemann Professor +47 22852743
Tobias John Doctoral Research Fellow
Vera Hermine Goebel Professor +47 22852402
Vidar Norstein Klungre Postdoctoral Fellow
Yuanwei Qu Doctoral Research Fellow