Ongoing and completed master's projects – Page 3

Title Published Student(s) Supervisor(s)
Rapid DNA sequence comparison Oct. 3, 2016
Rask sammenligning av DNA-sekvenser ved parallellisering Mar. 14, 2011
Reproducibility of research analyses performed on the command line Sep. 16, 2013
Retroactively Parallelizing a Large Python System June 6, 2011
Revealing hidden patterns in the three-dimensional structure of DNA June 4, 2013
Short tandem repeats (STRs) in the genomes of cod and other fishes Oct. 25, 2018
Structural bioinformatics and phylogenetic study of the human AlkB homologs Sep. 11, 2013
Taxonomic classification of microbes based on DNA barcodes using machine learning Sep. 25, 2018
Tensor cores: Useful for simulating the heart too? Nov. 3, 2021
The bioinformatics of personal genomes Mar. 14, 2011
The effect of splicing mutations in prostate cancer Mar. 2, 2021
Understanding genetic variation with genome graphs Oct. 16, 2021
Unfolding your DNA May 24, 2013
Use of many-core architecture for heart simulations Aug. 25, 2015
Using machine learning to make sense of our genome May 24, 2013
Visualisation of chimeric RNA; sequences originating from two individual genes Oct. 2, 2014