The Biomedical Informatics research group is involved in the teaching of the courses listed below.


Spring co​urses:

Introduction to Bioinformatics (10 credits, full semester):

High Performance Computing in Bioinformatics (NORBIS course) (5 credits, 2 weeks):

This course is only given every other year (2016, 2018, ...).


    Autumn courses:

    Introduction to Object-oriented Programming (10 credits, full semester):

    Introduction to Programming with Scientific Applications (10 credits, full semester):

    Genome Sequencing Technologies, Assembly, Variant Calling and Statistical Genomics (NORBIS course) (10 credits, 3 weeks):

    This course is not given during autumn 2019.


    Bioinformatics for Molecular Biology (10 credits, 5 weeks):


    Recommended courses for Master students

    Please see the programme structure for the relevant master's programme below.



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