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Strategic Research Initiative: Concurrent Security and Robustness for Networked Systems (ConSeRNS)


Recent  defenses of Conserns PhD students:


Shukun Tokas defended her PhD on Feb 19th 2021: “Analysis and Enforcement of GDPR-related Privacy Principles in Object-Oriented Distributed Systems”


Runa Barik defended on Feb. 13, 2020 his thesis: “Measuring the Impact of Middleboxes on Internet Protocols”


Link to Antonio's Disputation page

Antonio Gonzalez Burgueño defended his PhD on June 18th 2020: "Formal Analysis for Security Ceremonies"

Ijlal Loutfi defended her PhD onJune 14th 2019: “Trusted Execution on Commodity Devices Use Case: Online User Authentication”



PhD defense of Ijlal Loutfi

Ijlal Loutfi after her PhD defense, June 14th 2019. With her main superior Audun Jøsang (right) and Olaf Owe (left).

About ConSeRNS


ConSeRNS is the strategic research initiative for information security research at IFI, established in 2014. Through ConSeRNS, members of the research groups ND (Networks and Distributed Systems), PMA (Precise Modelling and Analysis. new name ``Reliable Systems'' (PSY)), DESIGN (Design of Information Systems), UNIK (now called ITS) and others collaborate to focus on information security and robustness.

Some of the ConSeRNS team members (February 2016)

Front: Frank Eliassen, Ijlal Loufti, Runa Barik, Dat Tien Le, Christian Johansen

Back: Michael Welzl, Xiaojie Zhu, Antonio Gonzalez Burgueno, Olaf Owe, Roman Vitenberg, Audun Jøsang

Some of the ConSeRNS team members (February 2014)


Front: Olav Lysne, Ingrid Chieh Yu, Maja Van Der Velden, Audun Jøsang
Back: Michael Welzl, Roman Vitenberg, Einar Broch Johnsen, Leif Nilsen, Stein Gjessing, Christian Johansen

From 1.1.2018 the leader team consists of Prof. Roman Vitenberg as leader and Assoc. Prof. Ingrid Chieh Yu as deputy leader.

In 2016 and 2017, the leader team consisted of prof. Olaf Owe as leader,  prof. Frank Eliassen as deputy leader, and Ijlal Loutfi as representative of the PhD students.

Prof. Olav Lysne of Simula and IFI was the team leader of ConSeRNS before 2016.


ConSeRNS focuses on network and system security and robustness, identity and trust management, security usability, as well as formal verification of security protocols and systems.

Through excellence in research, teaching, student supervision and exchange, ConSeRNS aims at designing, developing, testing and commercializing innovative security solutions and technologies, as well as at training experts it IT security who will contribute to building a robust national IT infrastructure and in strengthening cyber security for the government, industry and private domains.


ConSeRNS offers PhD scholarships to conduct research on security and robustness of networked systems. The scholarships are funded by The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. See advertised scholarships below:

  • Conserns PhD position in Formal Methods for concurrent systems and security analysis available. Deadline expired Jan 31. 2016.

  • PhD scholarship in Security and Distributed Access Control


Security and robustness of the national IT infrastructure is critical for the sustainability of our economy and of modern society general. It is therefore natural to see information security as a core component of teaching and research within the ICT disciplines. During 2011 and 2012 several evaluations and reports indicated that information security had to be given higher priority at IFI. On this background the MN Faculty decided in 2013 to allocate additional resources to IFI in order to strengthen its focus on information security research and teaching.

Completed PhDs

Ijlal Loutfi defended her PhD June 14th 2019.

Antonio Burgueno in 2020.

Runa Barik in 2020.

Shukun Tokas in 2021.

Associated PhDs that have completed:

Seraj Fayyad  (2018)

Dang Ha The Hien (2018)

Elahe Fazeldehkordi (2021)

Manish Shreshta (2021)

Siri Bromander (2021)








Related activities

  • AFSecurity: Academic Forum on Security
  • FRISC: Forum on Research in Information Security and Communications
  • COINS: Research School of Computer and Information Security

Related Projects

  • Oslo Analytics (Audun Jøsang) funded by IKTPluss (NFR)
  • OffPAD: Offline Personal Authentication Devices (Audun Jøsang)
  • ABRI: Advanced Belief Reasoning in Intelligence (Audun Jøsang) financed by the US Army Research Labs.
  • IoTSec: Security in IoT for Smart Grids (Josef Noll, Olaf Owe, Christian Johansen, Elahe Fazel) funded by IKTPLuss (NFR)
  • NEAT (Gjessing, Welzl, Barik) EU (Horizon2020)
  • A center application is under evaluation at NFR.
  • SCOTT: Secure COnnected Trustable Things (Josef Noll, Olaf Owe, Christian Johansen, Toktam Ramezani, Elahe Fazel) funded by EU (ECSEL).


  • Simula's Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) is associated with ConSeRNS through Simula staff with adjunct positions at IFI.
  • UiB's Selmer Center is indirectly associated with ConSeRNS through Simula and its CRNA center.
  • ENSICAEN and GREYC Lab are associated with ConSeRNS through the OffPAD project, a Franco-Norwegian innovation project funded by Eurostars. Student exchange and internships allow Master's students to work on collaborative security projects.

Below is a picture of the last of the six funded PhD fellows, Shukun Tokas, working on language-based security.

The last ConSeRNS PhD student, Shukun Tokas

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