Participants in Strategic Research Initiative: Concurrent Security and Robustness for Networked Systems (ConSeRNS)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Runa Barik
Tien Dat Le Student
Antonio Gonzalez Burgueno Student
Ijlal Loutfi
Shukun Tokas Doctoral Research Fellow
Xiaojie Zhu Student
Elahe Fazeldehkordi Doctoral Research Fellow
Johanna Johansen Doctoral Research Fellow usable privacy, privacy patterns, online security and privacy seals (OSPS), visual representation of privacy, personal data regulations, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet of Things (IoT), abusive applications, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data use and misuse.
Sara Mohammadi Doctoral Research Fellow Cybersecurity, energy informatics, energy markets, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence
Manish Shrestha
Olaf Owe Professor +47 22852449 semantics, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, computer science, verification, programming languages
Frank Eliassen Professor +47 22840148 Distributed systems, energy informatics, ubiquitous and mobile systems, self-adaptive software systems, internet of things, middleware, multimedia systems
Audun Jøsang Professor +47-22845524 +47-98431433 (mob) Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet
Roman Vitenberg Professor +47 22850493 social networks, dependability, fog computing, middleware, blockchain, cloud computing, distributed systems
Peter Csaba Ølveczky Professor +47 22852498
Josef Noll Professor +47-2284 2228 +47-9083 8066 (mob) SDG 2030, Sustainability, Digital Inclusion, ITS, radio, trådløse sensornettverk, wireless networks, mobile applications, informasjonssikkerhet, internet of things, measurable security, embedded systems, WNaS
Ingrid Chieh Yu Associate Professor +47 22845525
Christian Johansen Researcher +47 22850481 security, privacy, concurrency models, formal methods, safety verification, automated tools, logic in computer science, process algebras, semantics of programming languages, security ceremonies, access control
Toktam Ramezanifarkhani Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840137 Information Technology, Information Security, Software and Programming Languages, Security Management, network security
Einar Broch Johnsen Professor +47 22852509
Leif Nilsen Professor II +47 22638447 +4747024924 (mob)
Olav Lysne
Michael Welzl Professor +47 22852420 Network, Internet, transport layer
Stein Gjessing Professor +47 22852444 +47 92695558 (mob)
Martin Steffen Professor +47 22850417 static analysis, program analysis, formal methods, PMA, concurrency, type systems, compositionality, programming language theory, verification, static analysis, compiler construction, model checking, object-orientation, verification, security, semantics, computer science
Magdalena Ivanovska
Jon Kristen Lærdahl Associate Professor +47 22844784 +47 99507335 (mob) Life sciences, Bioinformatics, ELIXIR Oslo
Hamed Arshad Doctoral Research Fellow security protocols, access control, authentication, cryptography, network security, formal methods, model checking, key agreement, privacy, security
Farzane Karami Doctoral Research Fellow

Other participants