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Digitalization and Entrepreneurship (DIGENT)

The section was established on January 1st 2018 and encompasses the earlier Centre for Entrepreneurship, as well as researchers from the Information Systems and the Design section within the Department of Informatics.

24 of the members of DIGENT

Some of the members of DIGENT

We develop knowledge to help society harness the potential of technology in a productive and responsible way. Digital technologies have triggered an ongoing transformation of individual and social life, of value creation mechanisms and business models, enabling new organizational forms and collective arrangements. We study technology-centered innovation processes in several empirical domains, aiming at increasing our understanding of the dynamics of their emergence and evolution. Handling the socio-technical complexity associated with these developments requires creative, critical, adaptive and entrepreneurial competencies, and we educate students to act purposefully and responsibly in their future roles as designers, developers, users and managers of technology.


Our research activities largely falls within three topical areas:



Sustainability and Design

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