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Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis (DSB)

Signal processing, image analysis, and machine learning for applications in medical imaging, sonar, seismics, and remote sensing.

We have two PhD and a Postdoctoral position open in our research group:
(all fully funded)

Ultrasound image of heart Sonar image of seafloor wreck Seismic image of the crust Microscopic image of cell nuclei Landsat image of Kjeller

In signal processing we are engaged in theory and applications of signals from sensor arrays. Applications are in medical ultrasound, sonar and acoustic localization.

In image analysis we focus on automatic methods for extracting information from images. The main application areas are medical imaging and remote sensing.

Deep learning is becoming more and more important and several of our projects include that. The group is responsible for one of the most popular MSc courses in the department: IN5400 – Machine Learning for Image Analysis,

Most of our research topics can be classified as imaging, i.e. making images of hidden structures (in the body, in the ground, in the sea). 

We cooperate with a cluster of Norwegian companies in acoustics, sonar and ultrasound technology. Some of the companies are startups initiated by our own employees and former students.

Publications from the group in the Cristin database: here and here.

Tags: imaging, signal processing, image analysis, ultrasound, seismic, sonar, Remote sensing, Artificial intelligence, deep learning, Machine Learning
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