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When I wrote "On the alleged coherence between the global temperature and the sun's movement" I had no idea that this paper would lead to intense discussions on one of the most read climate (-sceptic) blogs and introduced as "Death blow to Barycentrism" with both Scafetta, whom I critize, and myself participating in the discussion.

Neither had I expected it to reach fourth place among the most downloaded papers from the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

Masterpresentasjon Ole Marius Hoel Rindal

Static Elastography With Ultrasound Using Adaptive Beamforming

Sensorer: Andreas Heimdal, GE Vingmed Ultrasound og Anne Solberg

Veiledere: Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm

28. mai 2014


Masterpresentasjon Anders Ueland, Microphone array processing using reflections constructively.

Sensorer Johan Nielsen, Cisco og Anne Solberg

Veiledere Carl-Inge Nielsen, Sverre Holm

23. mai 2014 


Mohammad Ghasemi, final exam for MSc project "Sensitivity Analysis of a Two Component Seismic Streamer"

Sensor: Johan-Fredrik Synnevåg, Statoil ASA. Veiledere: Bent Kjellesvig, Kemal Ozdemir. Medveileder: Andreas Austeng.

ElDat master, Signalbehandling

Touchless gestures like scrolling and advancing a photo or music track are going to get a lot more interesting, according to Elliptic Labs, seen at CES 2014.

Elliptic Labs is a spin-off from our group at the Department of Informatics. 

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Serie: Åtte universiteter, åtte innovasjoner. I dag: Universitetet i Oslo

Ultralydstyrt mobil lystrer luftige vink

En norsk oppfinnelse gjør at mobiltelefonen lystrer ditt minste, luftige vink – uten at du berører skjermen. Neste år kan den være den nye hit'en på mobilmarkedet, håper forskerne.

Jacob Norenberg, final exam for MSc project "Analysis of time variations of cardiac ultrasound image sequences".

Sensor: Andreas Heimdal, GE Vingmed Ultrasound. 

Supervisors: Eigil Samseth and  Andreas Austeng.

PhD Research Position: Signal Processing for Camera-Aided Microphone Arrays

Congratulations to Anne with the paper "Remote Sensing of Ocean Oil-Spill Pollution" in special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE on Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters (Oct 2012). Proceedings of the IEEE is the flagship journal of the IEEE.

From integral of one-and-a-half order to understanding of a physical/geometrical meaning of a fractional integral with complex exponent

New relationships between spatial fractional integrals and fractal objects

Raoul Nigmatullin, Kazan University, Russia

Antall gale kreftprognoser kan halveres med datastyrt bildeanalyse.

Les mer om forskningen til Fritz Albregtsen og Håvard Danielsen i Apollon.

Loránd Eõtvõs Award 2012 presented to Leiv-J. Gelius (Department of Geosciences) and Endrias Asgedom (Department of Informatics) for the paper:

Gelius, L.-J. and Asgedom, E. (2011), Diffraction-limited imaging and beyond – the concept of super resolution. Geophysical Prospecting, Volum 59: 400–421.

More information.

Prof. Robin Cleveland from University of Oxford will on Friday morning give a guest lecture on high intensity ultrasound imaging. Later the same day he will be one of the opponents when Fabrice Prieur defends his PhD.  

Prof. Jens Hovem from NTNU will on Thursday give a guest lecture on Biot-theory. On Friday, he will be one of the opponents when Fabrice Prieur defends his PhD. 

Stig Synnes har som en del av PhD-graden et egetdefinert emne i klassisk spredningsteori. Eksamensformen i emnet er et  et halv times foredrag med påfølgende spørsmål. Foredraget er åpent for alle!

A short presentation on adaptive volume rendering of cardiac 3D ultrasound images, utilizing blood pool statistics will be given.

Lunch seminar where Wei Zhang will talk about "Efficient Computation of Initial Value Problem Involving Fractional Derivative"

Bjørn Angelsen, professor NTNU, Dept of Circulation and Medical Imaging

Fabrice Prieur will give a presentation about a model for 3D simulation of parametric ultrasound fields this friday.

Eivind Stordal, final exam for MSc project "Power-law attenuation of acoustic waves in random stratified viscoelastic media"

Modellering og dataanalyse, Studieretning Statistikk og dataanalyse