GI Group PhD Thesis

This page contains information about the IS groups PhD thesis defenses


Date Doktorand PhD Thesis
15.02.2016 Rangarirai Matavire Producing the agora: appropriation of health information systems in developing countries pdf 
16.12.2015 Yahya Hamad Sheikh Health information systems Integration as institutionalisation. The case of Zanzibar pdf 
01.12.2015 Nima Shidende Distributed Collaborative Practices in Resource Restricted Settings. Ethnographic studies from the Tanzanian Primary Healthcare Information System. pdf 
18.06.2015 Lena Hylving  Digitalization Dynamics – User Interface Innovation in an Automotive Setting pdf 
12.06.2015 Tiwonge Davis Manda Developing HIS Infrastructure: Negotiating Tensions to Design, Implementation, and Maintenance. pdf
27.04.2015 Terje Aksel Sanner Grafting Information Infrastructure: Mobile Phone-based Health Information System Implementations in India and Malawi pdf
30.01.2015 Marlen Stacey Chawani Development of Electronic Medical Record Systems for Maternal Health Services in Rural Settings – An Action Research Study from Malawi pdf
20.11.2014 Caroline Abdul Ngoma Approaches for Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Maternal and Child Health Data from Rural Communities: Action-Case Studies from Tanzania pdf
07.10.2014 John Gerard Alphonse Managing Service Standards of Global Telecom Companies
30.04.2014 Abyot Asalefew Gizaw Open Generification: The case of District Health Information Software
11.04.2014 Ime Effiong Asangansi Exploring the Institutional Logics and Complexity of Health Management Information System Implementation pdf
13.02.2014 Zeferino Benjamim Saugene Customization of Generic Open Source Software for the Health Sector in Developing Countries: A Practice Based Approach
27.11.2013 Petter Øgland Mechanism Design for Total Quality Management: Using the Bootstrap Algorithm for Changing the Control Game
4.10.2013 Zufan Abera Damtew Harnessing community knowledge for health:-Case studies from community health service and information systems in Ethiopia pdf
29.08.2013 Espen Skorve Shaping Information Infrastructures: Complexity and Management in the Context of a Clinical IS Implementation pdf
7.06.2013 Johan Ivar Sæbø Global Scaling of Health Information Infrastructures: Circulating Translations. Johan Sæbø pdf
3.06.2013 Murodillo Latifov Global Standards and Local Health Information Systems Applications: Understanding their interplay in the context of Tajikistan pdf
6.12.2012 Edith Chipo Kanjo In Search of the Missing Data: The case of maternal and child health data in Malawi pdf
13.04.2012 Håkon Ursin Steen Coordinating convergence? Competition and conflict between the telecommunications and broadcasting discourses in the standardisation of mobile television in Europe, South Korea and China
14.10.2011 John Lewis From technology for information to information for local action: the role of participtory networks from case studies in India pdf
7.09.2011 Nigussie Tadesse Mengesha Revisiting Networking of Actions and Knowledge Transfer:An Outline of Practice and Community Based Distributed Approach For Open Source Information Systems Implementation in Developing Countries. Cases from Ethiopia pdf
27.05.2011 Knut Staring Organizational Open Source in the Global South: Scaffolding Implementation Based Distributed Development pdf
24.09.2010 Endre Grøtnes Standardization of New Global Mobile Services: A Case Study of the Creation of Standards in an International Standardization Organization
18.02.2010 Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste Shaping Technology across Social Worlds: Understanding Learning Dynamics in Implementing Computerised IS in the Ethiopian Public Health System pdf
2.12.2009 Vincent Shaw A Complexity Inspired Approach to Co-Evolutionary Hospital Management Information Systems Development: Case studies from the "South". pdf
10.12.2008 Faraja Igira The Interplay between Transformation in Everyday Work Practices and IS Design and Implementation Processes: Empirical Experiences From the Health Information Systems in Tanzania pdf
28.11.2008 Miria Grisot Foregrounding differences: a
performative approach to the
coordination of distributed work and
information infrastructures in use
14.08.2008 Gertrudes Adolfo Macueve Analyzing Challenges and Opportunities of
the Implementation of e-Government Initiatives for
Development through the Lens of the Capability Approach:
Case Studies from Mozambique
11.06.2008 Juma Lungo Electronic Version
02.10.2006 Honest Christopher Kimaro Electronic Version
20.12.2007 Ingjerd Skogseid Electronic Version
05.09.2007 Eli Hustad Electronic Version
15.09.2006 Marisa D'Mello Electronic Version
21.06.2006 Edoardo Jacucci Electronic Version
19.05.2006 Petter Nielsen Electronic version
24.03.2006 Jose Leopoldo Nhampossa Electronic version
16.09.2005 Anders Kluge Electronic version
18.03.2005 Emilio Luis Mosse Electronic Version
09.12.2004 Baltazar Gonçalo Mazungane Chilundo Electronic version
19.03.2004 Tone Bratteteig Electronic version
12.12.2003 Satish Kumar Puri NA
18.03.2003 Alistair Cockburn NA
03.02.2003 Knut Rolland Electronic Version
21.06.2002 Margunn Aanestad Electronic Version
31.05.1999 Ole Smørdal Electronic version
19.04.1999 Arild Jansen NA
16.04.1999 Tone Irene Sandahl NA
27.06.1998 Annita Fjuk NA
14.04.1998 Jørn Braa NA
April 1996 Jens Kaasbøll NA
Juni 1995 Kristin Braa Electronic Version