Innovations in Information Infrastructures

This site carries information about previous and future Innovation in Information Infrastructures workshop. It further features news relevant for this research network as well as information related to its email list.

Today’s ICT solutions are becoming increasingly complex, inter-dependent and large-scale. ICTs are no longer developed and managed as stand-alone and monolithic systems but are built and implemented as parts of something larger. Today’s challenges are not about decomposing complicated requirements and deriving optimal technical designs, but grappling with the technological and organisational complexity that emerges from the heterogeneity of systems, actors involved, and the lack of control over other systems and components. These changes and the associated technological, social and organisational challenges continue to urge the need to deepen our understanding, and thus study, conceptualise and further theorise ICTs as Information Infrastructures (II) rather than as small-scale and stand-alone Information Systems.

We bring together cognate disciplines - including science and technology studies and information systems and cognate work in organisation studies - but also other related traditions (e.g. ICT4D, CSCW, gender studies ...).

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