Student startup in language technology making headlines

Once again, DN features a story about Convertelligence, the company started by Arash Saidi while he was completing his MSc in language technology at IFI.

Last week, the Norwegian financial newspaper DN did a story on which field of study to choose for maximizing chances of success in the future work market. Alexander Woxen, leader of the StartupLab, says to DN that fields related to artificial intelligence will provide particularly important competencies for the coming years. As a case in point, the main feature of the story is Convertelligence, a company started in by Arash Saidi while he was completing his MSc in language technology (LT) at IFI. The company builds chatbots, i.e. human–machine dialog interfaces based on natural language, enabling automated customer service etc. When started in 2016, funded by a student entrepreneurship grant from RCN (FORNY STUD-ENT), the first employed staff member was fellow LT MSc-student Petter Hohle, but today the company already counts 10 employees.

This is not the first time DN has a story about Convertelligence, see here and here for some of the previous coverage. 

Published June 26, 2017 2:35 PM - Last modified June 26, 2017 2:36 PM