On-Going Research Projects

LTG members are among the co-founders and co-developers of a widely used toolkit for large-scale grammar engineering and precision-oriented language technology applications, the Deep Linguistic Processing with HPSG (DELPH-IN) repository of interoperable generic language technologies and associated linguistic resources, currently for about a dozen different languages.  DELPH-IN is a multi-national ecosystem for collaborative research and development (holding an annual one-week workshop, for example, as well as repeatedly creating funded and unfunded multi-site joint research initiatives).

DELPH-IN resources provide a focal point for several on-going research initiatives at the Language Technology Group, including several PhD projects.  With close to two decades of sustained engineering behind them, some DELPH-IN tools have matured to a point that makes them a scientifically invaluable stepping stone for novel research.  The LinGO English Resource Grammar, for example, is applied in joint work between LTG and partners at Stanford University to provide detailed semantic analyses for the textual content of the complete English Wikipedia in our on-going WikiWoods project.

As a more in-depth example of the kind of research conducted at LTG, consider this summary of our work on bio-medical text mining.

Furthermore, the group participates in a number of pan-European research networks, including the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance (META) and the Common Language Resources and Technologies Infrastructure (CLARIN).

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