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Networks and Distributed Systems (ND)

The Networks and Distributed Systems group (ND) is a part of the Digital Infrastructures and Security (DIS) section.

We investigate and teach paradigms, architectures, and methods related to digital infrastructures. Digital infrastructures are services that are necessary to the IT capabilities of a nation, region, city or organization.  Examples of digital infrastructure include the Internet backbone, fixed broadband, mobile telecommunications, data centers, Cloud Computing platforms, APIs, user devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital infrastructures for sustainabilityWe develop methods for the infrastructures to use less energy, perform better, and be more secure, efficient, privacy-preserving, and scalable.

We put a strong emphasis on sustainability, by applying digital infrastructure in the real world (e.g., for smart energy systems, e-Health, digital identities, and material tracking and analysis) as well as ensuring sustainability of the digital infrastructure itself.

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