Participants in Networks and Distributed Systems (ND)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Amirhosein Taherkordi Associate Professor +47 22840584
Carsten Griwodz Professor +47 92684380 (mob)
Frank Eliassen +47 22840148 Distributed systems, middleware, self-adaptive software systems, internet of things, edge & fog computing, cyber-physical systems, smart cities, energy informatics
Hans-Arno Jacobsen Adjunct Professor
Håkon Kvale Stensland Associate Professor +47 41317406 (mob)
Michael Welzl Professor +47 22852420 +47 47346201 (mob) Network, Internet, transport layer
Özgü Alay Associate Professor 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), immersive multimedia, Machine Learning
Omid Mirmotahari Associate Professor +47 22857700 +47 45050045 (mob) 45 05 00 45
Pål Halvorsen Adjunct Professor +47 97080007 (mob)
Roman Vitenberg Professor +47 22850493 social networks, dependability, fog computing, middleware, blockchain, cloud computing, distributed systems
Sabita Maharjan Associate Professor Smart grid\; Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)\; Vehicular communication\; 5G\; Machine-to-machine communication\; Software defined wireless networking\; Internet of Things (IoT)\; Internet of vehicles (IoV)
Md Safiqul Islam Associate Professor +47 22840837 +47 97917292
Stein Gjessing 92695558
Tor Skeie Professor +47 97199620 (mob)
Yan Zhang Professor 48881909 Energy Informatics; Edge intelligence, Blockchain, 6G/5G Beyond, Digital Twin
Andrea Merlina Doctoral Research Fellow
Awadelrahman Mohamedelsadig Ali Ahmed Student
Dapeng Lan Researcher
Jie Bian Doctoral Research Fellow
Joakim Skjelbred Misund Doctoral Research Fellow
Kristjon Ciko Doctoral Research Fellow Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA), RINA deployment
Magnus Klausen Doctoral Research Fellow
Mehdi Foroughi Doctoral Research Fellow
Milad Rafiee Doctoral Research Fellow Edge & Fog computing, 5G networks
Min Zhang Student
Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaei Student blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems
Mohammad Salar Arbabi Doctoral Research Fellow blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems, privacy, GDPR
Paniz Parastar Doctoral Research Fellow
Peiyuan Guan Researcher Edge computing, real-time systems, task scheduling, deep learning, reinforcement learning
Poushali Sengupta Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92564187 privacy, security, network security, Machine Learning, energy informatics
Praveensankar Manimaran Doctoral Research Fellow Decentralized Identity, Blockchain, distributed computing, Applied Cryptography
Sara Mohammadi Doctoral Research Fellow Cybersecurity, energy informatics, energy markets, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence
Muchallil Sayed Student
Stéphane Delbruel
Thiago Garrett Postdoctoral Fellow distributed systems, blockchain, distributed ledger
Xiaojie Zhu
Yushuai Li Postdoctoral Fellow distributed systems, energy internet, adaptive control, distributed optimziation