Master topic presentation and group presentation, 2020 ``Reliable systems'' (PSY)

We shortly present our research group Reliable Systems (PSY), its focus and research interests, as part of the general presentation of topics and groups at IFI We mention master level courses offered by the group

For an general overview over teaching offered by the group, covering all courses, not just the master level ones and not just the ones starting now see the corresponding ``teaching''-page.

The slides for the presentations of the group and some topics are like in here:


On finding a topic in corona times


This year it may be particularly challenging to find a topic and a supervisor (or more than one). Researchers and lecturers may be often partially in home-office. Similarly students. Many things are ``virtual''. It's thus harder to just drop-in and talk around a possible topics and what to do.

Well, it is how it is. But the advice is actually the same as always. It's not that lecturers find students or topics find candidates, it's the other way around!

We also recommend: look at previous theses in our group. We try to keep a record of topics we have supervised (see the tab on the left at the PSY top-level page). That includes the thesis itself (those are also available via DUO), often the slides in the end presentation, and sometime, when it applies, a link to the candidate's git-repos or similar.

Therefore, take initiative! Contact us (and/or other groups). We don't know ``who is out there''. There is a list of open topics, one can browse. All lecturer are available via email listed on the groups web-pages, including those of our group.


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Published Oct. 14, 2020 4:24 PM - Last modified Oct. 20, 2020 7:22 AM