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Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN)

Our goal is to contribute to the development of ever more intelligent systems. This can be systems that in specific tasks or environments can assist or replace human judgment, or it can be systems that can accomplish tasks we would like to automate.

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Our research focus on systems like robots and smartphones operating in dynamic environments demanding adaptation at run-time. ROBIN has extensive experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and from simulation and rapid prototyping of robots using 3D-printers and CNC milling machines.   

We work both at a fundamental level of research where evolutionary algorithms are important methods, and in an applied domain where machine learning techniques often are applied. At the fundamental level, you may often see us working with robots who aided by biologically inspired principles for instance learn to walk, all by themselves. We also work a lot on applications where classification and recognition using deep learning is essential. Here, we have contributed with research on applications such as analysing human motion and activity sensor data classification, prosthesis control by use of signals from muscles and more. We have a number of national and international collaborators including research on e.g. robots and AI (COINMAC) and robotic surgery (Intervention Centre/Oslo University Hospital).

A brief presentation of our ongoing research projects.

We regard students affiliated to our group through our Robotics and Intelligent Systems study program (Bachelor and Master level) to have a very good learning environment.  Temporary and permanent group members share a common kitchen and resting area with our master students.  

Tags: Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary computing, Evolvable hardware, 3D-printing, FPGA
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Group leader:
Jim Tørresen