Computational Life Science initiative


CLSi is an initiative from MLSUIO  to develop and improve collaboration, research, services and education in the field of bioinformatics at the University of Oslo. Its mandate is;....


CLSi is established and administrated from the Department of Informatics.

The CLSi scientific steering group is headed by Nils Christopherhsen and includes:

  • Pål Barkvoll (Dean Faculty of Dentistry)
  • Jan G. Bjaalie (Head Institute of Basal Medical Sciences)
  • Finn Eirik Johansen (Head Department of Biosciences)
  • Knut Liestøl (Head Department of Informatics)
  • Frode Vartdal (Dean Faculty of Medicine)


The CLSi reference group is constituted of researchers with a broad background within computational life science

Read more about the background and surroundings of CLSi.

Bioinformatics Training and Courses

Bioinformatics Mailing lists

Molecular Life Science at the University of Oslo



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Project leader
Nils Damm Christophersen

Teaching coordinator
Jon K. Lærdahl

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