About HISP

The overall goal of HISP is to enable and support countries to strengthen their health systems and their capacity to govern their Health Information Systems in a sustainable way to improve the management and delivery of health services. 

The HISP UiO Team

Our team at the University of Oslo consists of senior and junior academic staff, programmers, developers, technical writers, project coordinators and students.

The HISP Groups

In supporting the global HISP movement and promoting the DHIS2 software as a global public good, HISP at the University of Oslo (HISP UiO) is collaborating with a range of different organisations. As a particular group of partners, we define HISP Groups as our long term and trusted partners located in developing countries and collaborating with us.

The HISP History

HISP was initiated in the post-apartheid South-Africa in 1994 as a part of the restructuring of the health care system.