HISP Master Thesis


  • User Preference and Effectiveness of Tooltips for Registering Health Data - A Field Study Exploring Content Types for Tooltips for Undereducated Health Staff in Developing Countries. Helene Isaksen and Mari Iversen (DUO@UiO)


  • Rolling out a Mobile Application in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of DHIS2 Tracker Capture Roll-out in Zimbabwe. Alexander Premer (DUO@UiO)
  • Lessons from implementing a league table application in the health sector - A case from Malawi. Martin Theodor Vasbotten and Kristoffer Adam Tronerud. (DUO@UiO)
  • Developing an E-learning platform within District Health Information System: a Field Experiment in Malawi. Pedro Vasconcelos Maciel De Lima and Farrukh Wahab Manzoor. (DUO@UiO)


  • Developing league tables in Malawi - A study of feedback mechanisms to support routine health management. Marte Hesvik Frøyen (DUO@UiO)
  • Balancing Institutional Needs with Generic Functionality in Information Systems: The Biography and Evolution of the DHIS 2 Tracker following two implementations in Palestine. Øysten Gammersvik. (DUO@UiO)
  • Enabling Participatory Design in Low Resource Contexts - a Study of Distributed Software Development of DHIS2. Sindre Nicolaysen Bentsen. (DUO@UiO)
  • Implementing DHIS2 Feedback via Short Message Service: A Case Study for Uganda WEMR Health Workers. Nugroho Fitria Sujatmiko. (DUO@UiO)
  • Cultivating local champions for mentoring colleagues through integrated e-learning within District Health Information System: A quasi field experiment in Malawi. Ellen Marie Bjørge and Anniken Jønsson. (DUO@UiO)
  • Managing scaling of HIS: Implementation of DHIS2 in SudanSafa Ahmed Tahir Al-Nashy (DUO@UiO)
  • Developing Mobile Health Information Systems for the Global South: Development of an emerging Android platform. Erling Fjelstad (DUO@UiO)
  • Factors Affecting Generic HIS Extensibility in Resource-Limited Settings: DHIS2 Android Tracker App Implementation in Zimbabwe.  Eric Adu-Gyamfi (DUO@UiO)
  • Enabling web based mapping for public health in resource constrained environments: Bootstrapping implementations by leveraging platform generativity. Sushil Chitrakar (DUO@UiO)
  • Interface standards in HMIS. Ole Andreas Røsok (DUO@UiO)
  • Effektene av mobil- og data-mediert kommunikasjon i et helseinformasjonsystem. Niclas Hammer Halvorsen. (DUO@UiO)
  • Translating an on-site course to an online course for implementers of an open source software system. Hodo Elmi Aden (DUO@UiO)
  • Platformisation of an open source software product. Mark Polak (DUO@UiO)


  • Health Information Systems in Rwanda - Sustainability, Open Source software, and Android. Simen Skogly Russnes. (DUO@UiO)
  • Interoperabilitet for Helse Informasjon Systemer: Ulike arkitektoniske tilnærminger i Colombia. Adrian Manuel Arevalo Soria. (DUO@UiO)
  • Usability and user documentation in a health information system. Herman Ludt Parmo (DUO@UiO)


  • Inline help. Ahmed Abdi Mohammed ) (DUO@UiO)
  • Integrating mobile and web health infrastructures in low resource contexts. Magnus Korvald (DUO@UiO)


  • Challenges in building user competence in Health Information Systems: A case study from health sector in Trivandrum, Kerala. Steinar Johansen. (DUO@UiO)
  • Health Information Systems in West Africa: Implementing DHIS2 in Ghana. Olav Poppe (DUO@UiO)


  • The Implementation of the District Health Information System in Mtwara and Lindi Regions in Tanzania: A Case Study of Process and Results. Ingeborg M. F. Klungland (DUO@UiO)
  • GIS and designing maps for Malaria management: The case of Tigray in Ethiopia. Tsega Weldu (DUO@UiO)


  • Integration of Health Management Information Systems: Closed Standards vs. Open Source. Lef Arne Storset (DUO@UiO)
  • Introducing a complex health information system in a developing country: Case: The Gambia. Bjørnar Valbø (DUO@UiO)
  • The Health Information System in Sudan: the Disease and outbreaks Surveillance System at the National Level and the State Capital: A Descriptive Study. Said Salah Eldin Al-Said. (DUO@UiO)
  • An Open Source Approach to Improving GIS Implementations in Developing Countries. Jan Henrik Øverland (DUO@UiO)
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