Share Infinity Oslo

Come and meet audiovisual artists at Share Infinity Oslo and experience a unique live mapping show,


You would experience 3D video mapping, music and space specific installations created with creative coding. Please stop by, watch, enjoy the music and snacks.

Share is a global movement that supports new media communities worldwide by organizing open multimedia jams, creating a space for knowledge sharing and experimentation.


The workshop takes place on Monday, starting at 11 and ending at 2. Please register by using the form (closed).

The workshop is dedicated to experimenting and engaging creative minds in animations with a basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

During the workshops participants will have the ability to create together with the lecturers audiovisual project based on generative animations. In this term generative means that simple scripts in After Effects create the motions automatically. As a result the ready projects can be presented during the 'Share Oslo' event on 7th November.

  •     Introduction to creation audiovisual projects
  •     Use of basic scripts in Adobe After Effects
  •     Automatizing of simple animations with the help of expressions in Adobe After Effects
  •     Generating images by sound – implementing audio reaction

Offered by the Electro Moon media artists as part of The People's Smart Sculpture Project, an EU Creative Europe Participatory Culture.



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