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Models4IoT - A new Research Focus at IFI and PMA

"Modelling Tools and Programming languages for Internet of Things"

Short description

The new Focus includes a varied range of areas and topics, from  concurrency and parallelism, to distributed systems, communication  protocols, contracts, logics, reasoning tools, programming languages,  user interaction, privacy, machine learning, etc. It also provides a  research environment and opportunities for master and PhD students.  This Research Focus started from PMA but aims to connect several IFI groups as well as other external researcher.

 Planned Activities include :

  • Collaborations with the IoTSec project (IKTPluss).
  • Preparation of Project proposals and Funding opportunities.
  • Establishing an Industrial Interest group that would contribute with Case studies and internship places. Interacting with NCE Smart, Halden.
  • MSc and PhD topics descriptions and supervision.
  • Course development and integration within the new IFI curricula.

Opportunities include :

  • collaboration with other groups from IFI, including LogID, ROBIN, ND,  DESIGN, ...
  • collaboration with international groups, including IT University Copenhagen (DK) , INRIA Rennes  (FR), etc. depending on the topic.
  • collaboration with national groups, including from University of Bergen,
  • internships and collaboration with partner companies like Tellu (Asker) or Movation.
  • student visits to International partners and other student events.

 Coordinators are Christian Johansen and Olaf Owe, in cooperation with  other interested members of the PMA group.
 Depending on the specific topic, several other IFI groups may interact.
 Thus a number of supervisors may be involved in the activites of the initiative.


Tags: internet of things, modelling, programming languages, localization, context awareness, distributed systems, concurrency
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