Privacy preserving Transactive Energy Management (PriTEM)

In this project, which is a so-called convergence environment, we will development new knowledge at the intersection of Energy technology, Energy Informatics, Psychology, and Data and Energy Law through collaboration and highly cross-disciplinary research synergy for privacy preserving and secure data sharing based transactive energy management.

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About the project

Transactive energy management (TEM) is a new concept for peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trade that has the potential to create a truly participatory and distributed energy market with increased deployment of sustainable energy through active participation and contribution from local prosumers as key stakeholders in the energy ecosystem. Understanding aspects related to prosumers is crucial for acceptance and adoption of the P2P energy trade paradigm. Regulatory and policy aspects also play a vital role in such a transition. There is however a clear knowledge gap as aspects related to users, data and energy law are less explored.

In this convergence environment, we will examine and characterize the socio-psychological aspects that can act as potential barriers in the transition towards a TEM framework. Leveraging that, our research will develop an understanding of the role of trust, transparency and prosumer empowerment in this context, and develop computation efficient and scalable privacy preserving and secure data sharing solutions to build and enhance digital trust to empower the prosumers. Finally, the project will integrate the socio-psychological and regulatory aspects into a holistic framework to optimize the TEM process incorporating technical challenges related to the energy system.

Objectives and Outcomes

The primary objective or PriTEM is to generate new knowledge through cross disciplinary research synergy to develop and a holistic and autonomous framework for transactive energy management integrating prosumer psychology as well as the regulatory considerations.

With this cross disciplinary team, the research will lead to generation of new knowledge, development of new methodology and approaches. The findings and research results of this project are expected to create high impact in the field of energy technology and energy informatics. The research proposed in this convergence environment addresses two key societal challenges towards realizing the vision of Zero-emission communities and smart cities: access to green and sustainable energy alternatives, and transition to a sustainable energy ecosystem based on local market that provides more flexibility to prosumers.

Work Packages

PriTEM consists of five work packages(WPs): 
WP1: In WP1, we will understand and gain deeper insight into the strategic needs and requirements of prosumers regarding privacy preservation and secure data sharing concerns and other socio-psychological barriers for adoption of the P2P energy trade framework.

We will hire one PhD student at the Department of Psychology (PSY) to work on this WP. (Announcement link to be added)

WP2: This WP is divided into two sub-projects. In the first sub-project, we will integrate the psychological aspects from WP1, and develop novel, scalable and computation efficient solutions for privacy protection and secure data sharing, for trust enhancement and prosumer empowerment. In the second sub-project, the main focus will be on assessing and integrating regulatory aspects of data sharing and privacy preservation, and this part will be very closely related to WP3.

We will hire two PhD students at the Department of Informatics (IFI) to work on this WP. (Announcement links to be added)

WP3: In this WP, we will build on existing regulatory, policy and legislative frameworks for data security, privacy preservation and digital trust, to advance an appropriate regulatory regime for TEM in Norway, integrating the requirements of EU law, and notably the newly recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). To this end, we will also contribute to developing a conducive regulatory framework for TEM.

We will hire one PhD student at the Faculty of LAW (LAW) to work on this WP. (Announcement link to be added)

WP4: In this WP, we will holistically optimize TEM by incorporating the social, psychological and legislative aspects into the technical research problems such as addressing scalability and power quality, and studying the impact of P2P energy trade on the distribution grid.

We will hire one PhD student at the Department of Technology Systems (ITS) to work on this WP. (Announcement link to be added)

WP5: Knowledge Transfer and Coordination between WPs.

We will hire one Postdoctoral Researcher at IFI who will be responsible for WP5. The postdoctoral researcher will essentially with the PhD students for all WPs, and will also play a crucial role knowledge transfer, dissemination and coordination.  (Announcement link to be added)


The project is funded by the UiO Energy Convergence Environment Call 2020/2021.


Academic Partners

  • Department of Informatics (IFI), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Department of Technology Systems (ITS), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Department of Psychology at the Social Sciences Faculty, University of Oslo
  • Department of Private Law/Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (SERI), University of Oslo
  • Department of Energy and Resources Law at the Law Faculty, University of Oslo

Industrial Partners and Collaborators

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