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  • Research: Exploring and designing the transformative potential of products and practices to address complex social and environmental sustainability challenges in our communities, organisations, and society at large.

  • Practice: Hands-on engagement with sustainability through making, design, and repair activities.

  • Team: We are a small, interdisciplinary group of researchers and educators using different research and design approaches to support the transition towards sustainable futures.

  • Collaboration: A meeting place for all researchers and students working on sustainability issues at the Department of Informatics.

The Sustainability & Design Lab is hosted by the Sustainability and Design research group.


UiO:Energy project - 2021-2023: Circular Energy for a Sustainable Circular Economy: Exploring design, maintenance, and repair as energy conservation strategies (Circular Energy)

UiO:Norden project - 2019 - 2022: Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models (Futuring Nordics) (link)

Master student projects 2020-2022 in cooperation with Statsbygg and the Life Sciences building (link)



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Upcoming activities

Previous events

25. February 2020 - Virtually visiting the Life Sciences building using VR

27. February 2020 - Smart Final confence (link)

25. March 2020 - How to implement a literature review. Zoom meeting. Presentations by Mariann Lund and Mahsa Motevallian.

29. April 2020 - Research methods