AV equipment at Ifi

IFIDRIFT are responsible for all the AV equipment (audio-visual equipment) used in most locations where Ifi has teaching and meeting facilities, except the auditoriums in Vilhelm Bjerknes and Sophus Lie Auditorium.

Meeting room with AV equipment (video projector, canvas and sound)

Vilhelm Bjerknes and Sophus Lie Auditorium

Contact the MN faculty for information and support on the AV equipment in these locations.

Room with simple AV-equipment

Room with simple AV-equipment has video projector/canvas (or wall mounted flat screen), sound and control panel. The user interface should be simple and well known from existing premises. In all rooms it should be possible to connect with HDMI, DVI and/or VGA in addition to analogue sound.

Room with Video Conferencing

There are 9 rooms in IFI2 with video conference capabilities.

Rom 1416 (smalltalk), SIP-address: smalltalk@ifi.uio.no
Rom 1423 (simula), SIP-address: simula@ifi.uio.no
Rom 1251 (scheme), SIP-address: scheme@ifi.uio.no
Rom 1454 (sed), SIP-address: sed@ifi.uio.no
Rom 2458 (postscript), SIP-address: postscript@ifi.uio.no
Rom 3271 (blackbox), SIP-address: blackbox@ifi.uio.no
Rom 4118 (styrerommet), SIP-address: styrerommet@ifi.uio.no
Rom 4252 (driftslab), SIP-address: driftslab@ifi.uio.no
Rom 5370 (knsalen), SIP-address: knsalen@ifi.uio.no

Video conference supports the standards H.323 and so forth. The equipment choose is by Cisco. Proprietary protocols are not supported (like Skype, MSN, etc.).

Basic equipment and functionality that is present in all IFI2 Video Conferencing rooms

  • Equipment provided by Cisco using common standards like H.323 (e.g. not Skype and not MSN)
  • One or more HD-cameras with zoom and pan-function at a fixed location in the room
  • One or more microphones at the desk, table or ceiling
  • Viewports like monitor, projector/screen or videowall
  • Dual video conference presentation
  • Multi part video conference
  • Choice of sending a PC-monitor output signal to the remote part
  • AV touch panel for controlling the video conference equipment
  • Remote control "Tandberg" for the video equipment

Optional functionality not always present

There is a few optional functions attached to the video conference equipment, among other things:

  • Possibilities for recording  
  • Streaming
  • Transferring to other rooms
  • Transferring to PC-client (Tandberg Movi)
  • and so forth...

Please enquire at support for availability.

How to start a IFI2 Video Conferencing system

All Video Conferencing systems in IFI2 is controlled and started by using the AV-touchpanel for the AV-equipment.

Calling to IFI2

To call a video conferencing system in IFI2 the remote part has to use SIP.

A SIP-address is typically written at the form: roomname@ifi.uio.no, e.g styrerommet@ifi.uio.no. All 9 room addresses is shown above.

You can not use an IP-address or a telephone number to call a IFI2 Video Conferencing system.

You may use the AV touchpanel or the remote control provided in each room to control the Video Conference like picking up an incoming call.

If your remote part can not (or do not know how to) use a SIP-address an option is to call your remote part from IFI2.

Calling from IFI2

To call another site from IFI2 you may use a SIP-address or an IP-address.

You can not call a telephone number.

To call a number or to control the equipment you may use the AV touchpanel or the remote control marked "Tandberg" provided in each room.

If you are going to make a call using an IP-address please use * instead of dots (e.g 129*240*64*1).

What about Skype, MSN and other popular services?

  • These are proprietary services, that is Skype only works with Skype, MSN only works with MSN...
  • The service is made for two computers communicating
  • The service scales poorly for bigger rooms where more cameras and microphones are in use.
  • No supplier offers a somewhat complete solution based upon Skype, MSN ...
  • Our alternative to Skype, MSN, and the likes is Tandberg Movi.

You are welcome to use the mentioned proprietary services in IFI2 but please note that there is no integration with the cameras and microphones provided in the IFI2 Video Conference rooms. You have to bring bring your own PC, camera and microphone. You are welcome to connect your PC to the viewports (monitor, projector/screen, videowall) and to the room speakers.

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