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Printing your master's thesis at IFI

You hand in your master thesis on StudentWeb and Inspera. You shall not hand in printed copies to the administration, but you may print your thesis for your own usage.

Format and cover

Before sending your thesis to the printing center, it must be in perfect printing condition. The thesis will be printed double-sided, so remember to add any "backsides" by inserting blank sheets of paper. Each copy must not be more than 240 pages. Read more about how to format large documents for printing.

There are no formal requirements regarding the typography of your thesis, but focus on ease of reading. Avoid overly long lines, and too small font sizes. Margins of about 2.5 centimeters and 12 pt fonts are good choices. 

You can use the program `masterforside´ to create your cover (using Linux):

Norwegian cover: masterforside -t "Tittelen på oppgaven"

English cover: masterforside -e -t "My thesis title"

The cover page must include your name, the title of your thesis, and the name of the department. If you are having problems using Latex and pdfs, you can use the UiO Word template

Submit the thesis as a PDF-file.


You can print your thesis at the university printing center Reprosentralen. You will be granted four copies from the department of Informatics. You may choose other printing options, but will then have to cover the costs yourself. 

When submitting your thesis to Reprosentralen, you must include the following: 

Tiltakskode: 649003 Sted: 150500   

Color pages

If the nature of your thesis demands it, you may order up to 20 pages (including illustrations etc.) printed in full color. In very special cases, the department may cover more than 20 color pages. This is extremely rare, but for some theses in, for example, signal processing, where various x-ray images make up a significant part of the thesis, you can apply to have the cost of printing these in color, covered. You will need to apply for this at an early point during you thesis writing, and your application must be approved by the department in good time before your submission deadline. You are, of course, free to have your thesis printed elsewhere, or pay the extra cost for more than 20 color pages at the university printing center personally. Printing and binding of more than the four personal copies of the thesis, must be covered by you, when collecting the copies. 

It is very important that your thesis is collected as soon as possible after printing, and that it is delivered to the department and supervisors immediately, so that it can be sent to the examiners. 

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