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Printing the Master thesis at IFI

Layout and frontpage

There is no formal demands on the typographical standards of the Master thesis, but keep in mind that it should be easy to read. Try to avoid long sections and too tiny letters. Margins at aprox. 2,5 cm and letters at 12pt would be a good choice.

When it comes to the frontpage, you can use the program “masterforside” that you can use like this (in Linux):

English front: masterforside -e -t"My thesis title"

If you prefer using word, the templates can be found here:

English template

Norwegian template

The frontpage needs to contain your name, the title of your thesis, and the Department's name. The thesis should be handed in a s a PDF in Studentweb and send for printing to the University Printing Service (Reprosentralen).

When sending the thesis to the University Printing service please inform them of these codes: 

Budget code: 649003 Location code: 150500   


You can either print the thesis on your own, or use the University’s Printing Services (reprosentralen)

Submitting the requisition for the print assignment is the department’s responsibility.

The requisition covers 6 copies of the thesis + one copy for each of your supervisors. You get 4 copies, and 2 are for the comission of censoring commission.

Each student can choose to print their thesis elsewhere, but then the expenses will not be covered by the Department.

The  University Print Centre prefers to receive the file as a PDF (e-mail or USB), but you can also hand in a pre-printed version (the copy you hand in needs to be “print-ready”, I.E. with no gluedin images etc.). The thesis should be dual-sided, and each copy should not contain more than 240 pages.

Colour printing

If you request colour print, you can order up to 20 pages with colour. Refer to the pagination of the pdf file when you e-mail the Printing Services. If the Thesis is depending on more pages in colour print, you need to apply for this in cooperation with your supervisor by e-mail to

Read about the University Printing Service’s here.

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