Introduction week and deadlines

There are two introductory weeks (masteruker) with mandatory lectures. These introductory weeks are important, as they help you gain the knowledge to be able to prepare for and plan your studies on a master’s level. During the introductory weeks, you’ll receive guidance on picking courses, finding a supervisor, and the overall subject for your thesis.

Before you start your studies

The week before regular classes start,  there will be a short week of mandatory lectures and different information meetings. See the information page about start of studies. The main focus is getting to know the Department, and lectures in ethics and research methods. The program for the master week, will be made available in advance.

First semester

In September and October the research groups at the department will have separate orientation meetings where they will talk about their research and present available master projects.

December 1st: Deadline for submitting your study plan agreement, which should include a short description of your planned thesis.

Second semester

In January, before the regular lectures starts, there will be another short week of mandatory classes. This week the main focus will be on how to write a thesis, and there will be lectures ranging from writing technique to formatting large documents.

June 1st: Deadline for handing in your essay.

Project description

The project description is a short description of the selected theme for your master's thesis, and should be handed in along with your study plan agreement form. It should contain the following:

  • Temporary thesis statement

  • The methodology you will be using

  • A progress plan for your thesis, with indicated milestones

  • Curriculum relevant to your master's thesis.


During their second semester, all master's students have to write an essay/problem note to be evaluated as a pass/fail by your supervisor.

Your supervisor will assist you in finding a topic for the essay. It could be related to your master's thesis, usually a discussion of the topics of at least two different scientific articles or books, and a personal assessment. The essay should be at least 10 pages, maximum 15 pages. You may hand in a draft/first version, and get feedback for correction. The deadline for submitting the final version of the essay is by the end of the semester after you were admitted to the master's program, or at the beginning of the semester in which you start to write your thesis.

The administration needs feedback from your supervisor on the pass/fail of the essay, and you need to get a pass on the essay by at the latest your second semester of writing the thesis itself. If you’re writing a short thesis, the essay must be completed and passed the semester before you start writing your main thesis.

The essay is intended to support and prepare you to start writing your master’s thesis.

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