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Study plan agreement for master students at IFI

Within December 1st in your first semester of the program, most of you must submit an application for your study plan agreement. It is then processed by the Department of Informatics.  

About the study plan agreement 

All master's students at the Department of Informatics, with the exception of students enrolled in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management program, must submit a study plan agreement.

The study plan agreement is an agreement between the student, supervisor(s) and the Programme Board, concerning mutual rights and duties regarding the completion and curriculum of the master's degree.  

The application shall include your theoretical curriculum (courses) and progress plan throughout your studies. If you are writing a long thesis (60 ECT), you add a project description. If you are writing in co-operation with a company or another student, this must also be included.  

Make sure you choose courses and set up a progress plan in co-operation with your supervisor(s). You must also involve your supervisor in the process of creating and approving your project description. 

Your study plan agreement must be signed/verified by all your supervisors. Make sure your supervisor(s) have time to verify or sign your submission within the deadline December 1st. We will not start to process your application until at least one internal supervisor or contact person have verified it. 

Fill out the study plan agreement - step by step 

Following is a guide to what to include in your application for your study plan agreement.

Identifying information

  • Name 
  • Student ID-number (find it in StudentWeb) 
  • Study program 

Co-operation with other student? 

If you are writing with a co-student, you both have to submit the same project description in the end of the application. The project description must include a section where you describe how the work will be divided between you. 

Long or short thesis (60 ECTS or 30 ECTS)

Read more about the difference between short and long thesis here

The different programs offer both short and long theses, though some only offer one or the other. Check the program pages for further information regarding this.

Please note that if you are writing a long thesis, you must write an essay which is due June 1st. Read more about the essay

Progress plan and theoretical curriculum 

Fill out the theoretical curriculum for your whole master degree. You will determine this in co-operation with your supervisor. The courses must meet your master program's requirements. See the program web page under Programme structure. You need to state both semester, course code, course title and ECTS. 

Remaining courses - conditional offer (betinget opptak) 

If this applies to you, you might still have courses that remain for the completion of a bachelor degree or courses that remain from the scientific basis for the master degree’s admission. You will also need to state these. 

Attach project description (long thesis only) 

You must upload (web-form) or attach a project description to your application. A project description is a short description of the selected theme for your master's thesis. It should contain the following: 

  • Temporary thesis statement 

  • The methodology you will be using 

  • A progress plan for your thesis, with indicated milestones 

  • Curriculum relevant to your master's thesis. 

Supervisor(s) or contact person 

Register name(s), e-mail address(es) and organisation(s).  

You may have internal and external supervisors. Please register one main supervisor, in addition to any co-supervisor(s) you may have.

Please note that one of your supervisors must be internal (from IFI) and belong to a research group connected to your master programme. See the overview of research groups on this page.

Your main supervisor do not need to be an internal supervisor. 

Fill in a contact person from IFI if you have not yet found a supervisor. 

Signatures/verification by your supervisors

Both you and all your supervisors must sign/verify your submission.  For the web-form, you must forward the receipt with answers and attachment to your supervisors.

Additional applications 

Recognition of previous master’s level courses 

If you have taken master's level courses before admission to your ongoing program, and want them included in your study plan, you must include these in the study plan agreement as well. If they are not from UiO, you must include an application for recognition of previous credits in the end of the application. 

Applying for part-time studies 

The total is 120 ECTS, including the thesis. A full time study consist of 30 ECTS per semester. If you need a slower progression than this, you must include an application for part-time studies at the end of the application. 

You may request up to 50 percent part-time. If you apply for part-time, you must provide a valid reason and if available you should attach relevant documentation. For application of more than 50 percent part-time, you need to attach valid documentation. 

How to submit your study plan agreement 

You can either: 

Your application must both be submitted and approved by your supervisors by December 1st.

After you submit your application

We start processing the study plan agreements continuously as they are submitted. It must be verified/signed by at least one internal supervisor for us to start processing your application.

You will receive an e-mail if your plan is approved, if it is not approved and you need to change your plan or if we need more information from you.There are many applications to go through, so it might take a few weeks before you receive an answer.

Changing your study plan agreement

You might need to change the theoretical curriculum (courses), the progress plan during your studies or submission date. These changes need to be approved by the department. You are responsible for applying for the changes. Keep in mind that your supervisor has to approve the application. 

Please use the following web form for applying for changes in your study plan agreement.

If you need to postpone your submission date, your supervisor must apply for this on your behalf of you to

The deadline for applying for changes to your study plan is three months prior to the thesis submission deadline.

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