Introduction week for new Master's students at the Department of Informatics

Welcome to 3 days of compulsory lectures followed by various optional events, including presentation of our partners: Simula, Sintef, and Gründerskolen.

Use the opportunity to network, to become better acquainted with both fellow students and the research groups at the institute, help to choose courses and get an overview of the curriculum.



The introduction week will be the 14th, 15th and 17th of August, with a possibility of the 21st as well. There won't be any gathering on Thursday the 16th.

There might be small changes to the program, so make sure to check this webpage every now and then. Gatherings whose place are marked with a star (*) is social parts and voluntary.

Tuesday 14th of August
Time Place Topic Lectured by
12.00-12.15 Auditorium Simula Welcome and introduction lecture about the Department Ellen Munthe-Kaas (Head of Department)
12.16-13.30 Auditorium Simula Master studies at the Department of Informatics Ragnhild K. Runde (Head of Studies) and the Study Administration
13.45-15.30 See below Orientation meetings and course information for each programme  
15.30-18.00 IFI* Information about courses from each research group with pizza (not mandatory)  


Time Place Study programme Research groups
13.45- Smalltalk Informatics: Design, Use, Interaction Design, IS
13.45- Caml (3438) Informatics: Language Technology LTG
13.45- Shell (1456) Informatics: Robotics and Intelligent Systems Robin, ITS
13.45- Simula Informatics: Programming and System Architecture DMMS, IS, ASR, ND, PSE, PSYSIRIUS
13.45-14.30 Python (2269) Entrepreneurship DIGENT
14:15 - 1530 OsloMet Network and System AdministrationNetwork and System Administration, see program here  


Time Place Topic Lectured by
Wednesday 15th of August
09.15-10.00 Auditorium Simula The library and resources, how to loan etc. The library
10.15-12.00 Auditorium Simula Research Methodology Bendik Bygstad
13.15-15.00 2452 Pascal Introduction to UNIX and Linux, for those who are unfamiliar with these (not mandatory) Dag Langmyhr
13:15-15:00 Kjeller, bus (12:40 from the turnaround outside OJD) Information meeting for Cybernetics-students by ITS ITS
17:00-02:00 Escape Duct tape party* Cybernetisk Selskab


Thursday 16th  ofAugust
The expedition, 4th floor at IFI Help with course registration The study administration


Time Place Topic Lectured by
Friday 17th of August
09.15-12.00 Auditorium Simula Ethics Maja Van Der Velden
13.15-15.00 Auditorium Simula Presentation of IFI's partners: Sintef, Simula, ITS, StartupLab and Gründerskolen  
18.00 Escape* Ctrl+alt+delete  


Wednesday 22th of August
Time Place Topic Lectured by
17:00 Escape* Masterkick off. registration required Dagen@ifi
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