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Meetup-lunch for new female Master’s students

The event has reached it’s maximum capacity of participants.  

The meetup for female students in August was postponed, but we now invite all female students who have started a Master's program in informatics or entrepreneurship this fall, to join us for a lunch.

The Department of informatics invites you to an informal lunch for new female students. This is a social event where you get to meet other new Master’s students. We would love to hear about your daily life as a student, and how together we can maintain the social community at the Department.

Yes, I would like to participate

The event requires pre-registration.

There is a limited amount of attendees, as we want to meet the standards of social distancing. If the amount of registrations are high, we will add another date for a new lunch shortly.

We are serving a light lunch (pre-packed)

Please note that if you feel unwell, do not show up. We are following the current infection-situation closely, and will cancel the event if the local situation at the Department of informatics changes.

Published Sep. 15, 2020 10:44 AM - Last modified Sep. 22, 2020 9:30 AM