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Internet of Things is envisaged as a great enabler, eg. in AAL or eHospitals (see also book). IoT brings a new computation paradigm with many challenges.

The goal of Models4IoT is to develop a model for IoT systems tackling two main problems, identified in practice: location-awareness and high concurrency.

A model for location-awarenes would enable IoT systems to provide contextualized services and become more self-sustained.
A model for highly concurrent and distribut IoT systems is motivated by the large numbers of devices and their varied communication protocols.

Models4IoT has the objectives to use the developed model for solving two important tasks:

  • How to reason about the functionality and safety of the IoT systems;
  • How can programmers exploit concurrency and location-awareness in their designs.

Since IoT systems are integrated in human environments, ensuring their safety is critical. Model checking techniques could be developed for this purpose.

These two problems are very broad and many exploration paths exists, where models would find their precense at various levels, like for protocls description, information analyses, service context discovery, adaptability, programming, or maintainence processes. Various technologies and techniques can be used, as wide as machine learning, verification, self-*, or programming.

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