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MSc opportunities

Opportunities to take a MSc related to the area of Model4IoT are broad. The participants have varied topics to choose from and can be contacted through their respective homepages.

In particular, the following brief listing of their areas of expertise can be a starting guideline for making an initial choice.

  • Christian Johansen :
    • concurrent and distributed systems
    • contextual computation in IoT
    • automated reasoning
    • formal verification of critical systems
  • Olaf Owe :
    • high-level modelling and programming of IoT systems
    • robustness and security
    • static and run-time verification
    • language paradigms for IoT systems
  • Josef Noll :
    • handling the complexity of advanced ecosystems
    • context-aware modeling of information access
    • semantic attribute-based access control
    • semantic modelling of security and privacy
    • measurable security
    Emneord: Models4IoT, internet of things, master topics
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