Abyot Asalefew Gizaw

Image of Abyot Asalefew Gizaw
Phone +47 22840056
Room 6157
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 Oslo


Information system innovation practices with special interest to architecture, scaling and generification in the context of developing countries.

System Development

Part of DHIS2 core development team. Currently in charge of the tracker modules. Keen in extending DHIS2 to Contexts outside health care - for example Agriculture, School and national level vital registrations that require recording, tracking and reporting of services and incidences.

Published May 11, 2017 4:04 PM - Last modified May 13, 2019 4:26 PM