Anita Woll

Bilde av Anita Woll
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Mobiltelefon 91543736 +47 915 43 736
Rom 7157
Besøksadresse Ole Johan Dahls Hus Gaustadalléen 23B 0373 OSLO

Fields of interest

Design and use of assistive technology

Work processes

Health care services

Assistive housing

Participatory design

Computer Supported Cooperative work

Human Computer Interaction




Anita has a PhD and MSc in Informatics where she was associated to the research group «Design of information system», in addition she holds a Master degree in Public Health, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. Her background from the field of design is essensial in her work of participatory design processes, user mapping, designing and describing various ICT systems.




Emneord: Health care systems, Assistive technology, Design, Users


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  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Woll, Anita (2015). A Collaborative Change Experiment: Post-experiment evaluation of Home Telecare For Elderly Home Dwellers.

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