Jorun Børsting


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  • Børsting, Jorun; Culén, Alma Leora & Eike, Morten Christoph (2015). Design of a Reference Handling System for Clinical DNA Sequencing Analysis, In Mário Macedo; Claire Gauzente; Miguel Baptista Nunes & Guo Chao Peng (ed.),  Proceedings of the International Conference on e-Health 2015.  IADIS Press.  ISBN 978-989-8533-42-5.  Kapittel.  s 79 - 87 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.

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  • Børsting, Jorun & Culén, Alma Leora (2019). SlowBreath: First-Person Research for Self-Management of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Vis sammendrag
  • Culén, Alma Leora & Børsting, Jorun (2019). Community Involvement in Social Innovation for Health. Vis sammendrag
  • Børsting, Jorun (2016). ME/CFS youth engagement in co-creation to address wicked problems.
  • Pandey, Sumit; Srivastava, Swati & Børsting, Jorun (2016). Framing process and practice: reflections on intermediate material outcomes. Vis sammendrag

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