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Telefon +47 22852449
Rom 9464
Besøksadresse Ole-Johan Dahl's Building Gaustaddalléen 23 D
Postadresse Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic Interests

Programming and specification languages.

Language-based Security.  Privacy, GDPR,
Formal methods, and in particular oriented toward object-orientation and open, distributed systems.
Verification and reasoning systems.
Specification and modeling of concurrent systems, as well as
related simulation, modeling, analysis and reasoning tools.

Higher education and employment history

Dr. scient (UiO, 1980, supervisor Ole-Johan Dahl).

Research Associate, Stanford University 1981-1983.

Assistant professor, University of California San Diego (UCSD) 1983-1987.

Professor at UiO from 1993, and have earlier had various positions at University of Oslo from 1976.

Sabbatical at UCSC 2014/2015, Stanford Research Inst. (SRI) and  Oxford University 1994/1995.

Section Leader of the PMA research group and leader of the ConSeRNS strategic initiative until Feb. 2021.

From Feb. 2021: Professor Emeritus.

PhD supervision

  • Ph.D. students supervised (and year completed) as main supervisor:    Elahe Fazeldehkordi (21), Shukun Tokas (21), Lars Magnusson (18), Dang Ha The Hien (18), Crystal Din (14), Johan Dovland (09), Anders Moen (07), Demissie Aredo (05), Einar Broch Johnsen (02), Else Nordhagen (99), and Roland Olsson (95).
  • Co-supervisor for several candidates, most recently  Daniel Fava (21), Antonio Gonzales (2020), Daniela Lepri (15), Muhammad Fadlisyah (15), Lucian Bentea (15), Mai Thuong Tran (13), Fatemeh Kazemeyni (13), Hallstein Hansen (12), Arild Torjusen  (11), Cristian Prisacariu (11), Ingrid Yu (10), Xuedong Liang (09), and Henrik Berg (10).
  • Currently the main supervisor of  Johanna Johansen, Farzane Karami, Marius Geitle, and co-supervising Hamed Arshad, and Chinmayi Baramashetru (from Nov. 2020).

Teaching (from 2011)


See  the separate folder called "papers" under the English version of this homepage.



Emneord: informatikk, programmering og nettverk, logikk, sikkerhet, teoretisk databehandling, kvalitetssikring av programvaresystemer, software engineering, modellering av programvaresystemer, analyse av programvaresystemer, formelle metoder, objekt-orientering, parallelle og distribuerte systemer, Programmeringsspråk
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