Srinivasa Reddy Kuppi Reddi

Research Fellow
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Phone +4722840163
Mobile phone +4794113221 +4794113221
Room 5401
Visiting address Nanoelektronikk 5. etg Ole Johan Dahls Hus Gaustadalléen 23b
Postal address Box 1080 Bllindern N-0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

Intgrated RF MEMS, 3D ICs and Intligent devices


Higher education and employment history

Honeywell - Bangalore (2009-2010) Advanced Tech. Group

Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore (2003-2009) MEMS D&E and Design Centre/Semiconductors

Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Master of Science from University of Hyderabad

GATE 2001 Fellow





  • Janardhana, V; Sayanu, Pamidighantam; Chattoraj, N; Roy, J. S.; Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy; Kulkarni, R.G. & Rangra, Kamaljit (2013). Experimental Investigations of Microstrip Distributed MEMS Transmission Line Phase Shifter. International journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Technology.  ISSN 0976-6464.  4(7), s 222- 229 Show summary
  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy; Sayanu, Pamidighantam & Søråsen, Oddvar (2013). Influence of SU8 Photopolymer for Silicon RFMEMS Packaging Applications. International Journal of Materials Science and Engineering.  ISSN 2315-4527.  1(2), s 79- 81 . doi: 10.12720/ijmse.1.2.79-81 Show summary
  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy & Søråsen, Oddvar (2013). Electrostatic actuation gap reduction method and analysis for square plate resonator on SOI substrates, In  2013 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP).  IEEE conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-4673-4477-7.  KAPITTEL.  s 6 - 9 Show summary
  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy & Søråsen, Oddvar (2013). High aspect ratio lateral electrode nano gap rectangular plate micro-resonator novel process, In Romualdas Navickas (ed.),  Proceeding of the NORCHIP 2013.  IEEE conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-4799-1647-4.  paper.  s 1 - 4
  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy & Søråsen, Oddvar (2013). Lateral MEMS square plate resonator post-process nano gap creation method and study, In Dan Dascalu (ed.),  Proceedings of the IEEE International Semiconductor Conference (CAS).  IEEE conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-4673-5670-1.  paper.  s 319 - 322
  • Janardhana, V; Pamidighantam, S; Chattoraj, N; Roy, J. S.; Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy & Kulkarni, R.G. (2011). EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS ON A SURFACEMICROMACHINED TUNABLE LOW PASS FILTER. Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters.  ISSN 1937-6480.  27, s 171- 178 . doi: 10.2528/PIERL11081803

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  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy; Pamidigantam, Sayanu & Oddvar, Søråsen (2013). Novel RF MEMS Switch Process For Ohmic Contact Reliability Improvements By Narrow Electrode Gaps.
  • Kuppireddi, Srinivasa Reddy; Pamidighantam, Sayanu; Janardhana, V.; Søråsen, Oddvar; Roy, JS & Kulkarni, RG (2012). Evaluation of SU8 photo polymer for microwave packaging applications, In Tor Sverre Lande (ed.),  Proceedings of the 30th Norchip Conference, NORCHIP12.  IEEE Press.  ISBN 978-1-4673-2222-5.  Kapittel.  s 1 - 4 Show summary

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