UML modeling for the ABS language

The ABS language (abstract behavioral specification language) is an executable, high-level, object-oriented concurrent modelling language being developed within the European project ENVISAGE. The intended target area of the language is the modelling and analysis of evolving, updatable, and long-lived systems. In collaboratation with various European partners, the PMA group is developing a language infrastructure (compiler, Eclipse front-end, various back-ends, ...).

For visualization, documentation, and interchange, a diagrammatic UML-based approach would provide tremendous benefits. Currently, ABS programs are text files like in most other programming languages.

A prospective student would adapt the existing UML-based modeler and could work on one or more of the following topics:

  • define a UML profile for ABS and wellformed-rules for ABS (e.g. in OCL)
  • specialise the graphical UML editor to ABS models (e.g. only interface inheritance, not class inheritance)
  • build a parser that turns textual ABS models into UML models conforming to the profile
  • investigate which other UML diagrams, apart from class diagrams, could be useful
  • investigate how the advanced features of ABS like delta-modeling and product lines could be modelled in the profile


  • Interested in UML
  • Programming/Modelling language design
  • Java programming skills
  • Experience with the Eclipse platform is helpful, but not required

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Tags: ENVISAGE, UML, Eclipse, ABS
Published Mar. 12, 2015 11:07 AM - Last modified Feb. 1, 2016 12:34 PM


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