Wilfred Senyoni

Researcher in Information Systems
Bilde av Wilfred Senyoni
Telefon + 47-22840073
Besøksadresse Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahl's house 0373 OSLO
Postadresse PO Box 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Selected publications

Senyoni, W. F., Kimaro, H. C., Braa, J., & Kumalija, C. (2019, May). An Institutional Perspective on the Adoption of Open Dashboard for Health Information Systems in Tanzania. In International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries (pp. 272-283). Springer, Cham.

Fruijtier, E., & Senyoni, W. (2018). The Role of Local Bricoleurs in Sustaining Changing ICT4D Solutions. In International Development Informatics Association Conference(pp. 171-185). Springer, Cham.

Senyoni, W., & Braa, J. (2017). Boundary Object in HIS: Designing and implementation of a regional scorecard. In 2017 IST-Africa Week Conference (IST-Africa) (pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Kiwanuka, A., Kimaro, H., Senyoni, W., & Thobias, J. (2015). A framework for the acceptance process of District Health Information System for vertical health programmes. In 2015 IST-Africa Conference (pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Kiwanuka, A., Kimaro, H. C., & Senyoni, W. (2015). Analysis of the acceptance process of district health information systems (DHIS) for vertical health programmes: a case study of TB, HIV/aids and malaria programmes in Tanzania. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries70(1), 1-14.


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