Orientation meetings with the research groups at IFI for new master students

The groups will present themselves, their research and available master projects for master students who started this year. Take this opportunity to find your academic supervisor and the subject for your master thesis. This is important when it comes to the deadline for submitting your study plan agreement. The deadline for this is December 1st.

More dates to come - please note that the schedule may change! Keep an eye on this page for updates.




Programme Programme options Research Group Time Place
Computational Science Bioinformatics BMI September 25th - 16:15 Postscript
Imaging and Biomedical Computing DSB September 26th - 16:15 Postscript
Informatics: Design, Use and Interaction   DigEnt + Design 16:1516:1516:15September 26th - 16:15October 11th - 16:15 Prolog
IS October 9th - 16:15 Prolog

Informatics: Language Technology

  LTG October 18th - 16:15  
Informatics: Robotics and Intelligent Systems Robotics and Intelligent Systems    



October 9th - 16:15

Auditorium Simula
Cybernetics and Autonomous Systems      
Informatics: Programming and System Architecture Distributed Systems and Network PSY (for all PROSA students) September 26th - 16:15 Seminarrom C
ND September 27th - 16:15October 15th - 16:15 Prolog
DMMS September 25th - 16:15 9th floor lab
Software BMI September 25th - 16:15September 25th - 16:15 Postscript
ISIS October 9th - 16:15October 9th - 16:15October 9th - 16:15 Prolog
ASRASR September 27th - 16:15 Prolog
PSE October 8th - 16:15 Pascal
Information Security SEC

October 9th - 16:15




Institution Programme Time Place Practical information
Simula Research Laboratory   October 17th - 17:00  Fornebu, Martin Linges vei 25, Fornebu

Free bus transportation from Blindern to Fornebu, leaving from the Department of Informatics at 16:15 (pick-up right outside the cafeteria on the ground floor of Ole-Johan Dahls Building) with a return from Fornebu at 18:30.

Sintef   October 24th - 16:15 Auditorium Smalltalk in Ole-Johan Dahls Building  


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