Object-Oriented Programming: Motivation and History

An introduction to object oriented programming, targeting first-year students. The lecture will give a good background for students interested in following the upcoming SIMULA 50 year anniversary conference - and for IN1000 objectoriented programming in Python.


  1. Introduce students to the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).    
  2. Explain the motivation for OOP.    
  3. Provide a historical perspective for Object-Orientation.    
  4. Ensure that the students are aware of the fact that OOP was developed in Oslo in the 1960’ies by Kristen Nygaard and Ole Johan Dahl who embodied the concepts in the programming language Simula 67, which is the basis of most other modern programming languages in use today.

The lecture will, appropriately, take place in a building named for one of the Simula pioneers.


Eric Jul
Publisert 19. sep. 2017 09:52 - Sist endret 19. sep. 2017 09:59