Presentasjoner - Side 5

Tid og sted: 11. juni 2018 09:00, OJD Black Box (3271)
Implementation of an Object Recognition and Alignment Pipeline
Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018 15:15, OJD Styrerommet
Classifying Collected Sensor Data for Mental Health Prediction using General, Personalized and Hybrid Machine Learning Models
Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018 14:00, OJD Styrerommet
Hyperparameter Optimization with Evolutionary Computing for Mental Health State Prediction
Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018 11:00, OJD Styrerommet
Spatial aggregation for enhanced real estate price prediction
Tid: 8. juni 2018 09:00

Model-based Secure Software Engineering using UMLsec applied to Assisted Living and Home Care

Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018, SINTEF

Evaluating the User Experience and Usability of Virtual Reality Locomotion Techniques: An Empirical Comparison

Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018, SINTEF
Text Input Techniques in Virtual Reality Environments - An empirical comparison
Tid og sted: 7. juni 2018 10:15, Black Box (3271)
En undersøkelse av PRAM-modellen
Tid: 7. juni 2018 09:00
NarrowBand IoT, Testing of early deployment
Tid: 7. juni 2018

Trade-offs of Adapting Binary Neural Network Ensembles for Multiclass Problems

Tid: 6. juni 2018 14:15
Human-supported robot work
Tid: 6. juni 2018 12:30
What can I eat?
Tid og sted: 4. juni 2018 13:00, OJD Møterom 9460
PHPWander: A Static Vulnerability Analysis Tool for PHP
Tid og sted: 4. juni 2018 11:00, Smalltalk
Developing a distributed clustering algorithm to enable self-managing groups for 802.11 access points
Tid og sted: 4. juni 2018 10:00, OJD Møterom 7. etasje

Hello Friend  

Tid og sted: 24. mai 2018 15:00, Rom 7166 OJD

Research Through Design for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Tid og sted: 21. mars 2018 14:0015:30, Møterom Blackbox OJD

Evaluating Semantic Vectors for Norwegian


Tid og sted: 20. mars 2018 10:1511:15, Møterom Blackbox 3271 OJD

Extensibility Design Patterns From The Initial Stage of Application Life-Cycle

Tid og sted: 16. mars 2018 09:1510:15, Møterom 7166 OJD

May I have your attention please? - A study on distraction and focus

Tid og sted: 6. mars 2018 10:0011:00, Møterom Blaxkbox OJD

Improving swift and even patient flow by using IT for coordination in a hospital support function A case study of housekeeping at a Norwegian hospital


Tid og sted: 6. mars 2018 09:0010:00, Møterom 7166 OJD

A Web Application for Editing Gene Panel Configurations


Tid: 5. jan. 2018 13:30
A framework for comparing genome annotation from several sources
Tid og sted: 20. des. 2017 13:00, Styrerommet på IFI
A comparison of SNP based genome clustering tools
Tid og sted: 19. des. 2017 09:00, Black Box (3271)
Fordeler og barrierer ved innføring av ledelsessystem for informasjonssikkerhet basert på ISO 27001:2017
Tid og sted: 18. des. 2017 09:0011:00, Black Box (OJD 3271)
Comparing Sources of Population Data in Health Information Systems