Presentasjon av masteroppgaver i 2013

Det er cirka 100 masterstudenter som leverer kort eller lang oppgave i 2013. Den avsluttes med en offentlig presentasjon og muntlig høring.

Oppgavene er tilgjengelige i UiOs vitenarkiv, DUO.

Masteroppgaver i informatikk, 60 studiepoeng

Kandidat Oppgavetittel
Petter Aarseth Prognose ved "Local Binary Pattern" teksturanalyse av cellekjerner fra prostata- og eggstokkreft
Henrik Kjus Alstad Towards real-time depth estimation for large spaces- A Soccer Case Study
Tor Andreas Baakind Automatic Scaling of a Cassandra Cluster
Håvard Bauge Secdroid: An Improved Alarm Distribution System
Geir Snorre Haukaas Berge Unknown Pleasures
Odd Arild Skår Berntsen Fra web til app - En komparativ analyse av norske avisers digitale avissatsninger
Anders Ramsvik Bragstad Dynamic benchmarking in bioinformatics
Audun Kristoffer Brekke Mapping the Customer Journey
Dunia Bouyambib Fargerike nettsider - Interaksjonsdesign med nybegynnende IT - brukere
Levent Demir Extending Java with Components: Why, What, and How
Therese Drivenes Understanding Interaction Facilitated by Near Fiels Communication: A Case Study
Kristina H. Elfving Implementation of cross platform mobile applications: Exploiting native device specific features
Kyrre Havik Eriksen Implementation of editors for text-based domain-specific languages: A ThingML use case
Magnus Evensberget Managing WirelessHART
Murhaf Fares ERG Tokenization and Lexical Categorization: A sequence labeling approach
Runar Furenes Genome Assembly: Scaffolding Guided by Related Genomes.
Michael Gunnulfsen Scalable and Efficient Web Application Architectures
Fredrik Haaland Making sense of the Human Genome using Machine Learning
Veronika Marie Haugen Elevers selvregulering i teknologibaserte læringsomgivelser
Espen Oldeide Helgedagsrud Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline with emphasis on dynamic stiching
Henrik Hellerøy A Server-Side Feature Detection system for an Enterprise Web CMS
Tina Becker Holt Capturing the User Experience: Experiences with diaries and interviews
Kjetil Matias Holte Assessment of genomic variant calling methods through simulations
Liping Huang Design of a Global Multicast Demonstrator for Live Video Streaming
Eirik Andreas Husabø Hvordan CDN påvirker internettets egenskaper?
Kristoffer Jensen Managing WirelessHART
Siripong Jongsathitsathian From Gesture to Exploration: Geo systems on a tablet
Henning Klevjer Requirements and Analysis of Extended HTTP Digest Access Authentication
Magnus Standal Korvald Integrating mobile and web health infrastructures in low resource contexts
Torbjørn Pollestad Larssen Gatedata - Stabil, felles og lokal informatikk
Jonas Bøhn Løchen Using Ultra Wide Band Impulse Radar in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Margaret Machniak Sprinklr: Designing a "cool" health-oriented social networking site with and for teenagers
Sohail Musa Mahmood NP DOmino Logic gates for Ulta Low Voltage and High Speed Applications
Abdul Wahab Majeed Robustness and Performance of Ultra Low Voltage Logic
Mikkel Næss Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline with emphasis on color correction
Jan Magnus G. Opsahl Open-source Virtualization Functionality and performance of Qemu/KVM, Xen, Libvirt and VirtualBox
Håvard Mikkelsen Ottestad Checking Quality Criteria for ISO 15926-8 compliant Installation escriptions
Nora Raaum Hvordan ser brukeren? En analyse av eye-tracking-opptak fra bruk av Skatteetatens nettsider
Knut Dagstad Rand Game Theory and Cancer: Using Game Theory to Model Host-Tumor Interactions
Rune Børge Rosseland Unknown Pleasures
Kristin Simonsen Introducing Actions in CommonSens: A Hybrid Agent-Based Approach
Caroline Skudal Prognose ved "Local Binary Pattern" teksturanalyse av cellekjerner fra prostata- og eggstokkreft"
Marius Tennøe Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline emphasis on background subtraction
Kent Are Varmedal Cognitive Entity Authentication with Petname Systems
Anatoly Vasilevskiy Conquering overlapping fragments in CVL
Torkil Vederhus Tools for Genome-wide Analysis of Genomic Divergence
Jan Egil Vestbø Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring
Tobias Guldbransen Waaler Unfolding Your DNA: Handling Chromatin 3D Data in Computer Programs
Kristoffer Waløen Developing a web-based tool for analysing cell type-specificity of enomic variation data
Stian Støer Ødegård Exploring Visualization - Solutions for Air Traffic Control Workflow Productivity Improvement

Masteroppgaver i informatikk, 30. studiepoeng

Kandidat Oppgavetittel
Thomas Portilla The Effect of Temporal Distance on Predictions of Duration
Elin Skipenes Teknologiforståelse hos elever i fagene informasjonsteknologi 1 og 2

Masteroppgaver i "Network and System Administration", 30 studiepoeng

Presentasjonene av disse oppgavene vil foregå 7. og 18. juni

Candidate Title
Gaute Borgenholt Audition: a DevOps-oriented quality control and testing framework for cloud environments
Amiryasin Fallah Daryavarsari Comparing Black- and White-box testing environments using mixed research methods and AHP
Aslak Kaison Gaaserud Towards an unified policy for Next-Generation Firewalls Creating a high-level language for NGFWs
Abraha Deste Gebremariam Exploration of GlusterFS: A Distributed Parallel Fault Tolerant File System
Ke Huang The Hydra - An automated disaster recovery solutuion for the cloud
Athar Kaleem  
Aleksander Gabriel Lehmann Quality and governance in high frequency trading systems
Santosh Maharjan Development of a Lab Experiment for Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Body Area Networks
Zahid Nawaz Pedagogical Framework and Network Laboratory Management Tool for Practical Network Administration Education
Jun Ou Pi And The Sky
Mahsa Samavati An analytical and performance study of random topologies in an Openflow network
Jon Martin Sigvaldsen Improving cloud performance by solving scalability limitations in libvirt
Geir Varholm How to set up a secure tunnel wih Openvpn, between two sites, and filtering out packages that do not need encryption
Yared Berhanu Woldegiorgis The effect of sensor nodes antenna orientation on energy consumption in IEEE 802.15.4 network