Pågående og avsluttede masteroppgaver

Here are the slides from the information meeting on 13 October 2020.


Tittel Publisert Student(er) Veileder(e)
A visual annotation tool for RDFa 24. sep. 2013
Anomaly Detection in Knowledge Graphs Using Graph Neural Networks 17. sep. 2020
Collaborative Filtering and Sub/Supertypes for Better Recommendations 4. okt. 2017
Comparison of OTTR Ontology Templates with Semantic Web Languages SPARQL and SHACL 17. sep. 2020
Debugging machine learning models through the lens of explainability 3. des. 2020
Easy Query Formulation for Complex Relationships 12. aug. 2020
Efficiently import and index RDF data in fully indexed stores 10. sep. 2013
eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Actionable Recourse in Machine Learning Classification Models 25. feb. 2020
Exploiting ontologies in conditional selectivity estimation 10. sep. 2013
Exploiting Query History for Adaptive Ontology-based Visual Query Formulation 11. sep. 2013
FROG: Functions for ontologies 14. okt. 2020
Hypermedia RDF for driving applications 23. sep. 2013
Implementation of an Interpreter for Simulating Self-Adaptive Systems 14. aug. 2018
Implementing SPARQL in Free Software RDBMSes 10. sep. 2013
Knowledge Extraction from Large Scale Ontologies with Aibel 22. sep. 2020
Machine Learning for Ontology Alignment 11. aug. 2017
Matching large knowledge bases 16. nov. 2017
Natural Language Query Formulation 30. sep. 2013
Norwegian “State of the Estate” Open Dataset and Online Service 23. sep. 2014
  • arashk
Query Interfaces and Class Hierarches 12. aug. 2020
Query Interfaces and Search Technology 4. okt. 2017
Semantic Information Modelling with DNB 1. juli 2020
Semantic Portrait Catalog 25. jan. 2017
Semantic Technologies and Identity Resolution 25. sep. 2013