Analysing Locality of Data Access


Memory access patterns refers to  program reads and writes access to data in memory or storage. Lack of locality of such access patterns can affect performance when task compute data which is not local, causing unnecessary delays. They can also have an implication in privacy of data access, when sensitive data is computed outside secure environments. 

About the project

This master topic focuses on analysing memory access patterns in applications by extracting read and write access to memory and storage. The aim of such analysis is to understand the complex interactions and make some recommendations of e.g.  what can be a good data layout,, and job scheduling for this particular application? with respect to locality. 

This master topic is related to the project ADAPt.


Suggested coursework

    IN5170 - Models of concurrency.

    IN5440 - Selected topics in static analysis.

    IN5100 - Selected topics in rewriting logic.

    IN5110 - Specification and verification of parallel systems.

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